Our home place in 2008

Our home in 2009 - The Anderson residence at the site of the old cotton mill

The original corner of cotton mill is the addition on right


Our home place in 1892 Cottonmill Plant

Our home in 1892 when construction was finished - The Cotton mill

The Cotton mill 1902 - X is the Northeast corner, 1st floor only part still standing

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This is a collection of Mardi Anderson's research, information about the Tri-City Storm, our own hockey players, and our family genealogy

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Kearney & Buffalo County Facts & Stories

This information has been collected from numerous books and newspapers published in or about this county and the towns and communities in it. Some information is quoted directly from the source, some is paraphrased. It is made available here for all to read.


 Tri-City Storm Hockey

An unofficial collection of information about the team from the time the franchise started in Kearney, including rosters, schedules with scores, Booster Club newsletters full of information about the players and playing hockey, and other miscellaneous player information.


Anderson's Hockey Players

Pictures and information about our hockey players - daughter, Denise, and three Storm players for whom we were a host family - Filip Ogleznev from Russia, Diederick Hagemeijer from the Netherlands, and Matthew Bailey from Canada.


Our Genealogy

Follow this link to the website that hold information collected about our families.  The major branches we are following are Anderson, Banghart, Raddatz, Ratsch, Robbins, Beulke, Wilson and Jepson.


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