2011 Jepson Family Reunion

            Descendants of Peter Jepson met for the second time on Saturday, July 23, 2011, again at the Presbyterian Church in Wahoo, NE.  A center of interest was the family tree.  This year not only was there a leaf for each of Peter's 8 children (the 1st generation) and a large acorn on their branch for each of their children (the 2nd generation), but also there were smaller acorns for each child of the next  generation (3rd generation).      



      This year we had help in putting up the tree. Here we see Mardi digging out the pieces and Dennis Jepson sticking them to the tree.


See those little acorns of the third generation

hanging there?

     When Mark and Zelda Anderson and Michael arrived they brought the trunk that Emil Wilson (Edith's future husband) used when he emigrated to the US from Sweden. 

     The quilt was probably pieced by Edith.



Here is a closer look at the trunk and quilt.

Zelda made this label and placed on the trunk.


Emil (Wilson)


Antique traveling trunk

Early 1900's

Used by him to travel to America

From Sweden

Passed onto son Gilbert Wilson

Then to

Grandson Mark Anderson in the

Early 2000's



Handmade by

Edith Jepson Wilson

Early 1900's


Time for Introductions

        The last time we met we began with the oldest (Milford), of the oldest (Sextus), of the oldest (Margaret) member ot the family present to start the introductions.  So this year we started with the youngest (Kurt), of the youngest (Luetta), of the youngest (Edith).  Members of each branch of the family brought us up to date about what they had been doing over the past couple of years and also added some information about members who were not able to attend..  Here are some pictures and updates.

Edith's Branch




Gladys' Branch



John's Branch



Margaret's Branch




Meal Times



Museum Visit


Some Other Reunion Day Pictures  

Some Baby Pictures


Zelda Anderson's Photos