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                        Kearney Hardware Stores – Bodinson

Bodinson Hardware

Longest operating hardware store in Kearney – about 85 years, started by Carl Bodinson

By the late 1930s Bodinson Hardware was the second oldest business on Central Avenue.
        Only Hawthorne Jewelry, which had opened two weeks earlier, in1878, predated Bodinson’s business

Explanation of sources

Most of today’s information was provided by Larry Hardesty
        He’s been writing articles about the history of the Rotary Club and sending them out to the members.
        Mainly his material is based on Rotary records and scrapbooks kept by some members.
            Three scrapbooks are now being placed in the Historical Society Archives.
The Kearney Rotary was organized in 1918 so most of the information about the Bodinson family after the turn of the twentieth century comes from him.

I was curious to know more about Carl’s earlier years so I did some digging through census and marriage records.

Carl – the first generation

Carl Bodinson was born in Sweden in 1846 and came to the US in 1865 at age 19

        First went to northwestern Illinois near the Mississippi River.

1870 – Married Louisa Dalgren. They had 3 boys, Fred, Frank, and Roy, before leaving Illinois

1876 – Shortly after Roy was born the family came to the Holdrege area in Nebraska

1878, May 7 – The Bodinson family came to Kearney and Carl opened a store

1880 Census – Carl’s occupation listed as Grocer so possibly this was a general store selling mostly food
        Over next 10 years evolved into a hardware store

1890 – City directory – Bodinson's Hardware and building materials at 2214 Central

Children: Fred (about 19) – clerk in a Kearney drug store in 1890; became a pharmacist and went to Baker, Oregon
              Frank & Roy stayed in Kearney and worked in the hardware store

1894 – store was moved south to 2116 Central
        (At some point it relocated to 2120 Central Avenue, where it remained until cloising in the early 1960s)

1904 – Roy had become the secretary and treasurer of the store, while his father remained the president.

1914 – Carl Bodinson died (of indigestion???)

        Bassett's History of Buffalo County identified him as "one of the successful pioneer merchants of Kearney."
        1899 - he served two terms as Buffalo County treasurer.
        1908 - elected the first of two terms representing the area in the Nebraska State Senate.

The Next Generation

Roy, the youngest son, took over management of the store
        He also became a prominent businessman in Kearney.

Louisa, Carl’s widow, also remained active in the store=

July 2, 1926 – Roy died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 50.
        Kearney Chamber of Commerce president Fairchild requested all businesses in Kearney be closed between the  
               hours of 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. at the time of Roy's funeral.

Ownership now split between son, Frank, and the two surviving widows

1927 – Frank took over the management of the store.

January 1932 - Frank purchased the store outright from his mother, Louisa Bodinson, and his sister-in-law, Mrs. Roy
         (Emma) Bodinson.

His mother, Louisa Bodinson, died two months later, one month short of 80 years of age

1936 – Frank had retired from active management of the store,

January 1945 - Frank dies at age 71

Waldo Bodinson

Born in Sweden in 1898, came to this country alone in 1913 at the age of 15 to live with his uncle, Carl F. Bodinson.
        Did not know any English

He clerked in the family hardware store.

1923 – Married Mary Sorenson in Julesburg, Colorado

1936 – Took over management of the store when Frank died.

1963 – Last listing of Bodinson Hardware in City Directories.

1964 – In city directory Waldo listed as retired; the store had closed

1967, October 9 - Waldo Bodinson died at the age of 69.

1983 – Waldo’s wife, Mary, died. The Bodinson name disappeared from the city of Kearney.

Products sold in the Bodinson store
         from City Directory and Hub ads:

            "Hardware Of All Kinds,"
            "Sporting Goods, Paints, Oils, Etc.,"
            "Furnace Work a Specialty,"
            "Small Electrical Appliances,"
            "Builder's Hardware Sheet Metal Work"

Two Bodinson subdivisions in the city of Kearney

Both appear to have been surveyed on July 16, 1887, under the names of Carl L. Bodinson, and his wife, Louisa Bodinson

Recorded with the Register of Deeds on May 1, 1889.

Parcel 1. Bounded on the north by 37th Street and on the south by 36th Street, on the west by 2nd Avenue and on the east by Central Avenue.

Parcel 2. Bounded on the north by 30th Street and on the south by 28th Street, on the west by Avenue I and on the east by Avenue L.

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