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        Kearney Hardware Stores – Part 1: The Early Years

History is a record of the actions of people. On the topic of the lives of people who operated hardware stores in Kearney, there are lots of sources, lots of information.  As a result, this series will have several parts.

I. First Stores

        A. Vandon B Clark

                Born in New York, Married in Wisconsin in Nov. 1864
                A daughter born in Minnesota in about 1865
                Another daughter born in Wisconsin in 1871
                Came to Kearney in summer 1872
                Built on southwest corner of Dakota & Smith (2nd & 24th, Episcopal Church addition)
                Opened hardware store in October
                Also in October, a son was born
                    First baby born in Kearney, named Frank Kearney Clark

                1880 census – Two entries:
                    1) Clark was living with his family in Minneapolis
                    2) Clark was boarding alone in Kearney

                April, 1892 – Died in Kearney, buried alone in Kearney Cemetery

        B. Anvil – No real information
                Advertised June and first week in July, 1889 - "Jewel vapor stoves at the Anvil hardware store."

        C. C E Hanson
                July 24, 1889 – District Court
                    Buffalo County National Bank sued Hanson to recover rent “for the building north of the bank building.
                    Hanson leased the building several years ago and opened a hardware store in it. After a time he sold the
                    stock and delivered the building, lease and all, to the purchasers, who failed to pay the rent.”

                    Court found in favor of the bank, awarding a judgment of $310.

                    At this time there were at least 3 other hardware stores in town and with the Boom in full swing, real
                    estate was a good business to get in to.

                Who was he?

                He was Charles E. Hanson
                He was born in Sweden in 1855 and came to Chicago at age 19 in 1869.
                    Farmed for first five years in Illinois
                    Teamed for next two years; then spent the winter in Chicago

                Spring 1878 - Hanson came to Nebraska and settled in Phelps Center, Phelps County, Neb.
                    He soon became Postmaster, serving until December, 1881 when he moved to Kearney

                Hanson opened a business in the spring of 1882
                    He dealt in agricultural implements and broom corn seed, etc
                    He sold his hardwere stock in 1889 and moved into real estate

                Hanson did well in real estate
                    He built the steeple house on 9th Ave. in Kenwood district

                Started making business trips east, mostly to Chicago, finally moving there in August of 1890

II. 1889 Kearney Promotional Book
Information for this book would have been gathered in 1888, just as Boom Period was beginning to build.


                                                                     F. L. Harrington & Co.
                                                       Dealers in Hardware, Stove, Tinware and
                                                                    Agricultural Implements
                                                                      2216 Central Avenue

                                                                      Addison Scott & Co.
                                                                     Wholesale and Retail
                                                        Hardware, Stove, Tinware, Iron, Barb
                                                                 Wire, Wagon Material, Etc
                                                                       Kearney, Nebraska

                                                                        Miller & Bradford
                                                             Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
                                                     Hardware, Stove, Tinware, Iron, Ammuni-
                                                         tion, Barb Wire and Wagon Material
                                                                       Kearney, Nebraska


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