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Today is:

                                        Causes of Death

Listed in Kearney Cemetery Records before mid-1990’s
- Went through surnames under one letter of the alphabet

A. Some general causes
    Old age – female, 82, 1891
                    Male, 89, 1897
                    Female, 82, 1899
                    Female, 85, 1909
                    Female, 90, 1915
                    Male, 91, 1919

    Senility – Female, 76, 1958

    Natural causes – male, 74, 1974

    General dibility – female, 71, 1924

    Found dead in bed – male, 62, 1921

B. Some diseases

    Nitral – male, 56, 1913 [no definition found]

    Irastritain – male, 24, 1914 [no definition found]

    In-an-i'-tion – : the quality or state of being empty:
            a : the exhausted condition that results from lack of food and water
            b : the absence or loss of social, moral, or intellectual vitality or vigor
                        Male, 3 mo, 1913             Male, 80, 1978

    Brain disease - baby, 3 mo, 1890
    Brain congestion – male, 11 mo, 1890

    Brain fever – male, 17, 1899

    Gas infection – male, 39, 1929

    Brights Disease [kidney disease, today called nephritis] – 4 listed


            Female, 34, 1900
            Female, 14, 1904
            Female, 56, 1905
            Female, 40, 1915
            Male, 39, 1926

C. Some deaths due to war/accidents/suicides

    Deceased in WWII – male, 19, died Mar. 1945, interred Apr 1984

    Head fracture – C. J., 21
        March 1, 1947 - Young man, 21, walking to job at a cleaners on Central from home on west 28th
                        between 8 & 9 pm.
            Tripped and fell hitting head on sidewalk.
            When he did not show up for work they called his home; father and brother set out to look for him.
            Brother found him about 9:10. Pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital, of shock and exposure.

                        [cell phones and ambulance service not in use yet]

    2-3 train accidents
    Lady, 29, killed Feb 10, 1901 by a train.
            She was born in Sweden in 1871, came with brother to US about 1885 to Stromsburg
            She came to Kearney and worked for a prominent family for some time.
            When she returned home they promised her the job when she came back to Kearney
            However, when she was ready to come back they did not have a position for her but
                        promised to help her find another one.

            Late January 1901 she returned to Kearney, leaving the train in a “stupefied” condition
                        wandered about town for a while, finally turning herself in at the hospital [Mother Hull].
            She did not remember anything after leaving the train until reaching the hospital
                        said she had taken an overdose of medicine given to her by a doctor in Stromsburg.

            After being released from the hospital she went to work for another Kearney family as assistant cook and
                        general house keeper.

            She gave no indication of being depressed.

            [tracks in the snow told the story]
            She got up in the middle of the night, walked two blocks to the railroad tracks,

                        took off her shoes and laid down between the rails of the sourth track.
            But the next train to approach was westbound, north track.
            So she got up and threw herself in front of it.
                        (The paper described the condition of the body but it’s too gruesome to repeat here.)

            Her brother was notified and he came to arrange for her burial here.

    Several suicides listed vas cause of death, one suicide by hanging

[To be continued with stories about five people next month]

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