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Today is:

        Saturday, March 31, 1917 & the Week Following

I. Saturday, March 31, 1917
    A. Incidental events

        1. The day before Palm Sunday – Easter clothing advertised in the Hub newspaper

        2. A pipe organ had been installed in the Empress Theater

        3. A wind storm last night resulted in four grass fires near Odessa which residents in the area were successful in
             putting them out.

        4. “M. T. Foley was at his desk today but with a severe burn on his arm caused by clinging to the radiator of a
             Ford car which ran him down [yesterday].”

        5. Ownership of the West Indies islands was transferred from Denmark to the United States for the price of $25
             million. The US planned to establish a naval base on St. Thomas for protection of the Panama Canal

        6. Next Friday and Saturday will be “Bird Days” in Kearney with the city library offering a variety of programs
             with displays of pictures and plumage of birds and homemade bird houses. [no mention of the sandhill cranes]

    B. School news

        1. A high school boy, leaning back in his chair, lost his balance and fell, hitting his head on a radiator.
            Injury was not serious but was painful.

        2. Elementary schools – Alcott, Bryan, Kenwood, Hawthorne and Whittier

    C. City Election next Tuesday

        Three commissioners to be elected to the city council from 6 candidates   

        Two members to be elected to the Board of Education from 4 candidates

        Issues to be voted on:

            Salary of $1500 or $300 for the city council members
            $5000 for paving intersections

    D. The War to End All Wars

        National Guard Company L enlistments had brought the total up to 76.
            Three high school boys are members of the company.

        Germans in the Norfolk area showed their patriotism by flying the American flag at their residences.

II. Monday, April 2, 1917

    A. The War

        President Wilson to speak to Congress today; to say that a state of war exists between Germany and the United
             States —Pacifists were busy

    B. School News
        School Board problems – By end of school fiscal year they will be $20,000 in debt.
        Only capital improvement project this school year was $3,700 for the erection of Collins school.

III. Tuesday, April 3, 1917

    A. The War

        President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. Following the sinking of an American supply ship
             by a German U-boat

        In Kearney “Company L Boys to Leave City on Wednesday Morning”
            One contingent of 47 men were to go to Camp Ashland.
            Another contingent of 14 men were to go to North Platte for police duty.
            Three men under a Lt. would stay in Kearney to handle enlistments.
            Several men had enlisted in the last few hours.
            Kearneyites were encouraged to come in the train station to see them off.
            G A R members were asked to escort the Company men to the station.
            [they all assembled at the Armory by the courthouse]

    B. City elections today
        Voting polls were “generously patronized” during the morning. Some voters were confused receiving four ballots.

IV. Wednesday, April 4, 1917

    A. The War

        Consideration of the war resolution in the senate was forced over until tomorrow by objections of Senator

            Delayed in the House by lack of organization of the foreign affairs committee.
            It is expected to come up for action in houses today.

        In Kearney the Company L boys left for police duty
            Each contingent was to guard bridges across the Platte.
            The larger group, leaving at 8:30 am, was led to the station by the City Band.
                The parade also included veterans of the Civil War and Boy Scouts.

            On Saturday a recruiting officer for the Navy was to be in Kearney Saturday

    B. City Election Results

        Three new members voted in for the city council.
        Salary choice was $300.
        The Intersection paving issue passed.

V. Thursday, April 5, 1917

    The War --- The Senate was debating the war resolution.

VI. Friday, April 6, 1917
    A. The War

        Wilson signed Declaration of War at 1:13 am after a late night vote by the House
            [Wilson had asked for the Declaration of War on Monday]

        No More Guards Being Enlisted For Company L in Kearney

VI. Saturday, April 7, 1917

    A. The War --- Many war related articles on front page of newspaper

    B. Other News

        1. “American State is Name of New Bank to Locate in City
            To be in the Porterfield Building, on Central avenue and Twenty-fourth street.
            The deal to form the bank had been developing during the past few weeks
            The inability to get a suitable site caused a delay in the plans.
            The new banking institution to be ready to do business within a month.”

        2. Semi-Centennial Statehood Event
            Lincoln people were preparing for a celebration in that city on June 12, 13, 14

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