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May 1, 1917 - Prohibition went into effect in Nebraska (almost two years before US)
            1919 - Congress ratified the 18th Amendment
            It ended in Nebraska in 1933 when voters repealed the state’s constitutional prohibition

These are alcohol related cases found in the Buffalo County Court records 1928-1931

A. Possession without a license
1. Illegal possession –
        A man was accused of (1) having in his possession 1 quart of liquor and (2) intent to sell without a license

            (Licenses issued for sale of liquor for medicinal, mechanical, chemical, or sacramental purposes only)

        Found guilty on the first count, fined $100 + costs. Had to stay in jail until he paid
        Second count dropped

2. A Ravenna man
        Arrested for concealing intoxicating liquor in a building, not his residence, on a lot in Ravenna.
            [Kept it in the barn? Chicken house?]

        Found guilty, fined $100 + costs

3. An Elm Creek man
        Arrested on three counts

            I. being intoxicated;
            II. possessing liquor – 2 quarts of moonshine aka hootch, not in private dwelling;
            III. carrying the liquor in a Ford, on his person and in his clothing.

        Counts I and III dismissed, fined $100

        Who was this Elm Creek man?
            He was a single man living on the family farm near Elm Creek

            Depression years were not good to him.
            By 1935 he was living in a CCC Camp near Scottsbluff

4. Stanley
Arrested for illegal possession of ½ gal intoxicating alcohol not kept in a private dwelling.
                [Did everyone hide their liquor in the outbuildings or in the car?]

        Plead guilty; fined $100 + court costs of $10.57.

5. Ray
        Arrested on three counts

            Count 1 – Three days ago he illegally purchased intoxicating liquor from George and others
            Count 2 – He was a member of Recreation Number Three Club which unlawfully kept liquor to barter, sell,
                            and use as a beverage for delivery and distribution.

            Count 3 – He solicited an order for purchase and sale of liquor.

        Arrested, bond set at $200. Court date set for July 14 [must have gone to district court]

6. The case of Buck & Eddy
        Two men, Buck & Eddy were arrested on Sept. 2 and charged with four counts
            Count 1 – possession of intoxicating liquor
                            several pint bottles and 2 kegs of corn liquor commonly known as hootch not kept
                            in the private dwelling house

            Count 2 – transporting said liquor for purpose of sale in a Chevrolet [Wyoming license #]
            Count 3 – transporting liquor in a vehicle for purpose of sale
            Count 4 – a Chevrolet [Wyoming license # and VIN given] was used for transport of the liquor

        An arrest warrant was issued for Buck. He must not have been present when the police arrived.

        Sept. 3 – Eddy appeared in court. Bond was set at $200 which he paid; his trial set for September 13

        Oct. 2 – Buck, who had been driving the car, did not appear

        Oct. 11 – Neither man appeared in court.
                    The auto was declared guilty of unlawful transportation of intoxicating liquor and forfeited to the
                            State of Nebraska to be sold by the sheriff of Buffalo County.

                  The proceeds were to be used to pay court costs in the case and the rest to go into the county school fund.

        Oct. 28 – The car was sold at a Sheriff’s Sale on the courthouse steps 
                       Purchased by a Chevrolet dealership for $71.

        Nov. 25 – Buck was arrested

        Nov. 29 – Buck appeared in court; pled guilty of Count 3, transporting liquor in a vehicle for purpose of sale
                        Fined $100 which he could not pay so he went to jail.

        Dec. 7 –Eddy posted $300 bond [had he been rearrested?]

        Dec. 11 – Eddy pled guilty - $100 fine and 60 days in jail.
                        Jail sentenced suspended on condition of good behavior and no violations of liquor law

B. A Case of Drinking and Driving
        Steve was arrested on three counts
               Count 1 – intoxication;
            Count 2 – wreckless driving at speeds over 35 mph;
            Count 3 – driving while intoxicated

            Fined $10 for Count 1; $10 for Count 2; and $50 for count 3 plus he could not drive for 1 year

C. Drinking Extracts
        In late October 1928, police visited three grocery stores (with warrants) to determine if intoxicating liquor was sold following the arrests of intoxicated men who claimed they had been drinking extracts.

        They made two arrests

1. Eldon was charged with selling vanilla extract containing sufficient alcohol to be used for the purpose of intoxication

            Fined $100
        Who was Eldon?  According to Kearney city directories, this man was a neighborhood grocer who operated in southeast Kearney and lived at his place of business.

2. Simon was charged with selling vanilla and found guilty

        Who was Simon?  A grocer in the dcowntown area

            In 1929 his wife died
            In Sept. 1933 [3 ½ years later] Simon was sued by Joe for causing the alienation of affection of his (Joe’s) wife, Mary, over the past 3 years. Trial set for mid-Dec. 13.

            On that date the court room was crowded with spectators.
            Jurors returned a verdict favoring the defendant, Simon.

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