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Today is:

                                      County Court Records - 1928-1931

From the Archives:
        Buffalo County Court Record Books – Jan. 1, 1928 – July 30, 1931

        Mostly claims for unpaid bills by businesses or unpaid rent by property owners. They were small amounts by today’s standards. Probably why small claims court was established
        Some entries stand out. Also curious to see what I could find out about some of these people.

Personal attacks:
Charles filed a complaint –
            John Doe hit him with clods of dirt & other objects and uttered “grossly vile and insulting epithets.”

            Irvin was arrested, pled not guilty, tried, found guilty of assault, fined $1 and costs of $4.80
                [jury trial or hearing before a judge??]

    Who was Irvin? No information found but probably a youngster

    Who was Charles? 74 years old, born in Denmark
            Living alone in his house on Ave K south of the railroad
            In 1940 a younger couple, possibly a grandson and wife, lived with him
            Died in Nov. 1943 at age 87

Mike filed a complaint –
Against Jacob (same last name) saying Jacob, 19, hit him and struck him with sticks.

            Jacob was arrested. Case dismissed.

    Who was Mike?  Could not find Mike

    Who was Jacob?  This incident may have happened in Shelton because a year earlier Jacob was working as a hired hand on a farm in Shelton Township

Morality issues:
Cohabiting –
        J W, a single man, unlawfully lived and cohabited with Violet, for a month during which time they had sexual intercourse. A warrant was issued. [for J W?]

    Who was J W?  A news item 4 years later said J W, a carpenter, formerly of Holdrege, was living in Colo.

Of course, we can guess the next type of cases that were filed.

Laurine was pregnant with a bastard child and named Harry as the father.

Alvera was pregnant with a bastard child and named Carl as the father
    No further action in the court records after the filing in July

    Who were Alvera and Carl?
        Search of our Marriage License file showed Alvera had married Marvin in February

        Apparently they divorced or the marriage was anulled
        Alvera and Carl show up in later records for Buffalo County with 3 children

Selma was pregnant with a bastard child and named Jimmie as the father.
    A warrant was issued for his arrest. Then, apparently the case moved up to District Court

Mabel, 19, was pregnant with a bastard child and named Guy, 20, as the father.
    He was arrested, plead not guilty.
    Bond was set at $750 but since he did not have the money, he went to jail.
    The case was filed on July 6th. On July 10 the county judge married Mabel and Guy

    They had a son and then Mabel and Guy divorced less than 4 years later

    Who was Mabel? At the time of this filing she was a student living in Kearney
            5 years later she and her son were living in Wood River
            8 ½ years later she was working in a Hastings household

    Who was Guy? At the time of this filing he was clerking in a grocery store in Kearney.
            He was also captain of the Kearney Green Jackets, a local semi-pro basketball team.
            In spring 4 years after marrying Mabel, Guy married Hazel in Council Bluffs
            On their Iowa marriage license they both indicated this was their 1st marriage
            They made their home in Omaha where Guy was a salesman for a short time

            Then Guy came back to Kearney and 4 years later was working with two others coaching the Kearney grade school football team. They were working for the recreation division of the WPA

            At the time Mabel was working in Hastings, Guy, now married to Darylene, was living with his mother who was divorced
            The following year he was working as a recreation supervisor.

Some Other Crimes
Stolen Car – In July 1928 Kenneth stole a 1926 Buick
        He was arrested and charged with:
            Count 1) stealing the car.
            Count 2) carrying a concealed loaded revolver but not engaged in a business requiring one.
            Count 2 was dropped; Kenneth pled guilty to count 1, bond set at $1000
            On to District Court

Stolen underwear – In January 1931 – 25 dozen suits of ladies underwear were stolen from the Union Pacific.
        The suspect lived nearby at Railroad St. and Ave E.
        A search warrant was issued but the stolen goods were not found.

Stolen coal – Also in January 1931 – 100 pounds of coal was stolen from the Union Pacific.
        Two men were arrested.
        They pled guilty and each was fined $2 plus court costs of $4.80.

Influence a witness – in the case of the State vs. Melvin B & Elsie H in District Court
        Etta (related to Melvin) filed a complaint saying Andrew (related to Elsie) tried to influence James (also related to Elsie), who had been subpoenaed by the State as a witness, by taking James out of the jurisdiction

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