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Today is:

                 Pre-Christmas Entertainment

What to do, where to go for entertainment in the December Christmas season?
        Performances at the Merriman, special movies at the World, bell concert....
        What was available in the past besides movies and church Christmas programs?

1950 – Christmas operetta at St. James school & a musical program at Junior High
            Dance at 1733 Ballroom Dec 23 & 25, Ellie Frazer & His Orchestra

1945 – Air Base was in full operation
            Kearney Army Field Open House last two Sundays in Dec.
                    Part of plan of Army Air Forces to meet the general public during the holiday season

            Friday, Dec 21 - Dance at the Kearney Armory w/ Bobby Downes & His Orchestra
                                    Dance at Elm Creek w/ Jimmy Caton & his orchestra

            Saturday, Dec 22 - Dance at 1733 Park Ballroom w/ Cal Meyers & his Orchestra
                                    Dance at the Kearney Armory w/ Lue & His Gang (admission 42¢ + 8¢ tax)
                                    Dance at Miller w/ Dell Harris & the Rhythm Makers

            Tuesday, Dec 25 – Christmas Dance at the Armory
                                    Christmas Dance at Ben’s Club w/ Guy Skinner & his Swing Band
                                            (Ben’s Club was open every Wed & Sat night w/ Guy Skinner)

                        7 dances; 6 different orchestras or bands.

1940 – Before the Air Base
            Christmas music broadcast from public microphones on Federal Annex building for evening shoppers;
                    under direction of Paul Roscoe of KGFW staff
                Recorded chimes & music from various local choral groups

1930 – Three plays by the Joe Marion Players at the Opera House in the three weeks before Christmas
                    “The Murder at Midnight” “The Hoodlum” “Happy New Year”
            WSTC Operetta with chorus & glee club numbers accompanied by the band
            Kearney High School Operetta “Robin Hood”

1925 – Play by Kearney Drama League

1920 – Opera House – The Bird of Paradise w/ Florence Rockwell and the famous Hawaiian Singers and Players (vaudeville circuit)
            American Legion Christmas Ball, Dec.25 at Hub Assembly Hall
                    Advertisement said, “Be On Time” [but no time was given]

1915 – Kearney Dramatic Club, “Beauty and the Jacobin” Kearney Opera House. Benefit charities

1910 & 1900 – no ads. 1905 sidetracked by story of a jail break but that’s for another day.  [Next month]

1895 – Depression after Boom
            Kearney Opera House, Dec. 2, one night only, “The Tornado” Lincoln J. Carter’s Mammoth Scenic Production
                     Benefit Kearney Fire Department.
                     [This was an encore presentation; first in Kearney in fall of 1893]

1890 – Midway into Kearney’s Boom Period
            Variety of Life in Society…last week…more than usually gay in Kearney….even a …return to the sports of summer…tennis…
                    70 degrees…Enough ice at night…small boy skating on small pond.   

                    1. Kearney Musical society began work on cantata “Esther”
                    2. First art reception held in the city by a group of ladies who have been studying china painting
                    3. Piano club gave a recital of works by Beethoven to celebrate the anniversary of his birth

(To be Finished Next Month)

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