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1870’s Buffalo County Board Activity

A. Fire & Roads

Oct 27, 1877

1. Offered a $100 reward for detection and conviction of any parties setting prairie fires in Buffalo County with damage “has or may be done” to property since 15 October

        2. Road from east end of Smith Avenue [24th Street, a section line]

            In 1875 had been extended east 6 miles from the edge of town to a point 1 mile south & 2 ½ miles east of Kearney Station (Buda)

            Now extended further east to the intersection 3 miles south of Gibbon

B. People

Mary Walker

July 1875 - Mary A. Walker requested and received a tax reduction for losses in ’73
(3 day blizzard in April)

According to the 1870 Census:
        Mary was living near Kearney Station with husband, Charles, and 7-year-old John Stuart
        This is probably Mary’s second marriage.
        Both she & John were born in Penn.
        Charles was born in Germany

        Charles was occupied as a country merchant
        Which means there must have been a general store there at Kearney Station

        Also living with them:
            George Cook – 30, day labor, born in Ireland
            James, Jenkins – 21, teamster, born in Mississippi

        Not found in 1880 census

Andrew Smead

June 1877 - A. J. Smead request to have 1874 taxes stricken since the property was destroyed by fire.   Rejected.

According to Louisa Collins in her diary
        Apr 1, 1874 – “The first fire in our town today Smeads building burned to the ground three families lost nearly all their goods But there is sweet with the bitter the worst whisky & gambeling hole in town burned with it.”

According to the Nebraska Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1879-80
        In 1879 A. J. Smead lived in Nebraska and his occupation was meat

According to the 1880 United States Federal Census
        Andrew J Smead, 49, was living in Kearney where he was occupied as a butcher
        He had a wife, Lydia, and 3 children, Geneva, 13, Chester, 12, and Lizzie, 8

C. Proposed Railroads

Sioux City & Kearney Railroad
26 Oct 1875 – Vote scheduled for 27 Nov 1875 on $75,000 in bonds to be used to complete Sioux City & K RR
        20 Nov 1875 – Some citizens petitioned to cancel vote on railroad bond, approved

Kearney, Bloomington, and Republican Valley Railroad
August 1877 – This railroad was proposed and an election on bonds was approved, but then rescinded.


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