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Kearney in March & Early April 1914

Weather – Continued foggy weather and sprinkles – county soaked

Income tax

16th Amendment passed in 1913
1913 tax levied on last 10 months of the year
1% on first $20,000 income ($463,826 in today’s dollars) – flat rate
Filing deadline was March 1 but since that date landed on Sunday, filers had an extra day.

St. Luke’s Hospital – had opened March 9, 1912 at 1802 First Avenue

Kearney ladies donated goods such as chairs, basins, salt & pepper shakers, canned good, chickens,
1913 – Number of beds increased from 18 to 23; served 189 patients.
[how do you suppose that compares to Good Sam today?]

Crescent Theater –  (2216 Central) was presenting “a two reel” emotional drama “The Coryphee”

(\kor-i-fā\ - : a ballet dancer who dances in a small group instead of in the corps de ballet or as a soloist)

with “America’s fore most moving picture actress, Florence Lawrence.”
The other feature was a “roaring comedy” “And the Villian Still Persued Her.”
Silent movies – A six piece orchestra played through both films.
Ladies who attended each received a carnation.

19th Century Club –  raised enough money through the sale of Red Cross seals in Dec 1913 to purchase two more sanitary drinking fountains to be placed on Central Ave. down town at 21st and the other on south Central.

Men’s Community Club –  sponsored a series of three lectures given by a prominent physician on “Sex Hygiene.” Boys and young men were invited to attend.

Kearney Quarantine?? – Traveling salesmen were not stopping in Kearney because of the stories spreading among salesmen that the town is quarantined dues to illnesses.

        The Hub assured its readers that the stories were “folly for the diseases, while they are large in number of measles

        and mumps at the time, are all under restraint and no spread of the disease is looked for by the physicians. The

        sixteen cases of smallpox in the town are confined to four families and are all under strict quarantine.”

Post Office – In April a contract with Northern Nursery of Denver was signed by the treasury department for trees and shrubs to be planted around the Post Office.

        Included 61 barberry trees and 166 bushes varying in size from 18 inches to 8 feet high
            Lilac, snowball, bridal wreath, sumac, mock orange
        Apparently the half block north of the Post Office was empty

Election issues – 1331 votes cast in spring election
        1. Saloon question - Voted wet by 43 votes - 7 saloons in city; vote in favor of to continue operating

        2. City lighting - City lighting carried by 182 votes;

                will have 225 lights in residential and downtown compared to current 75

        3. Sunday baseball - Sunday baseball approved by 95 votes thus assuring Kearney would have a baseball team

        Gibbon voted against both liquor and Sunday baseball

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