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Mail Delivery Service

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Announcement to end Saturday mail delivery

February 6, 2013 - U.S. Postal Service announced that it plans to stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting the week of Aug. 5 — but will continue delivering packages.

        Unless forbidden to do so by Congress
        Post offices would remain open on Saturdays, however hours likely would be reduced at thousands of smaller locations

Delivery Service Today

Kearney Post Office – February 20, 2013
Melissa Thienel – Kearney Postmaster

        Kearney – 27 city & rural routes plus 2 Gibbon routes

        Amherst – 2 rural routes covering Amherst, Miller & Riverdale areas

        Elm Creek – 2 rural routes

        Pleasanton – 1 rural route

        Ravenna – 1 city & 3 rural routes

        Shelton – 1 rural route

        In the towns of the county where there is a post office, rural routes deliver to the residents in town who do not have a box at the post office

        Those with boxes go pick up their mail at the Post Office

Origins of Postal Service

First postal service in America - February 1692
        Grant from King William and Queen Mary to Thomas Neale

        He could charge rates the planters agree to pay

        Neale got to keep the money

        Not much business or government correspondence between colonies.

        Most mail was between counting houses and government offices in London

Revolutionary War
        Philadelphia (seat of the Continental Congress), the information hub of the new nation.

        A postal system was necessary

                Journalists took the lead – a way to get their newspapers out to the 13 states

        United States Post Office (USPO) created July 26, 1775, by 2nd Continental Congress.

                Benjamin Franklin first head – [first “Postmaster General”]

Constitution Adopted - 1792
        Constitution empowered Congress "To establish post offices and post roads".

        United States Post Office Department (USPOD)

                Used a hub-and-spoke system, with Washington as the hub and chief sorting center

        By 1869, with 27,000 local post offices

                Changed to sorting mail enroute in railroad mail cars

        Free delivery began in the larger cities in 1863

Delivery systems

Use the current popular mode of transportation

        Stage coaches, horse drawn vehicles, horseback

        Pony Express before transcontinental telegraph


        Air Planes - May 5, 1918 – Mail Delivery Started

                First route from New York to Washington, army aviators


        Destination – post offices, not to individual residences

In Buffalo County [from post office to post office]

        Stage coach route along the Mormon Trail & Kearney & Black Hills route

        Riders or horse drawn vehicles to settlements in the county

        Railroads – UP, B & M, Kearney & Black Hills RR

        Trucks now

Door to Door Delivery

Kearney Delivery

        Started – October 1, 1889 – 4 carriers, one in each ward

        Delivery Times

            Carriers worked 8 hour days; not necessarily continuous.

            3 deliveries – at least one complete route, others could be partial

            2-3 collections from mail boxes a day.

        Days of delivery

            Apparently Sunday delivery at first

                    February 15, 1909 - --The Sunday mail carried hundreds of Valentines

                    But two years later in December 22, 1911 – Post Office Open on Sunday

                            For distribution of mail to those to whom mail is delivered.

                            Open from 10 a.m. to noon & 5 to 6 p.m.

            1931 – Still had afternoon mail delivery

                    Law passed by Congress to shorten the work week of postal employees to 44 hours.

                    Each postmaster could decide which afternoon delivery to eliminate.
                            Many were selecting Saturday afternoons.
                            Kearney businesses preferred Tuesdays.


And Also

Sledding in the 1890’s

        --To-day was Carnival Day for small boys and sleds.
                Nearly every vehicle on the streets had sleds tied to them with a boy or boys perched thereon.
                One dray had eight sleds tied on behind.
                2 sleds were tied to the dray and then the 1st boy pulled the 2nd sled, the 2nd the 3rd & so on.

        --Several have come very near being run over by teams coming up behind them.

        --a couple of hand sleds, one behind the other and connected with a 2x8 plank, rolling off in the snow and having more fun than a whole box of monkeys

        --The teamster had to be swift and adroit to get down Central Avenue without a sled attached

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