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Today is:

People – Ordinary People

“Whatcha going to talk about next time?”
“You always talk about people.”

History is a record of the actions of people
        Except for natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc
            But then we talk about what people did then

So we talk about the famous people, the heroes, leaders in politics or business, first settlers

Today's program is about some ordinary people

I. A name catches my eye

Hub, Jan 18, 1890

---The following are the names of inmates of the poor house: Gus Holson, Jacob Schneider and Peter Housche.
No further information on any of them could be found

Hub, Feb 1896

 – Nellie Felty filed for divorce from George Felty who was living in Missouri
        No positive further information but a Nellie Felty was living with husband Guy T. Felty in Missouri in 1900.

        They had married in 1895.

II. Answered Requests from genealogists

Joshua Oliver Filer
Information provided:
        He worked on the railroad in Gibbon around 1885 and then left to go work on the railroad somewhere else.

        Married to Lucetta Morgan.

Read between the lines of obituaries, public notices of land ownership transactions, and census records for the following information..

By 1880 the family had come from Illinois to Gibbon

Evidence in 1880 census:
    Son, John age 4, born in Illinois

    Joshua’s occupation RR labor.

1880 Census – Gibbon, Buffalo Co, Nebraska
    Filer, Joshua – 32, RR Labor, born NY
            Lusetta – 24, born IL
            John – 4, born IL

    Joshua owned 80 acres of land but only tilled 5 acre

1885 – Still in Gibbon, growing family – 3 children now, Lusetta's father died

1885 NE Census – Gibbon, Buffalo Co, Nebraska
        Filer, John – 37
        Lusetta – 31
        John – 9
        Joseph – 4, born in Nebraska
`       Asa – 5 mo., born in Nebraska

Obituary – John Morgan [probably Lusetta’s father] died February 15, 1885 at the residence of J. O. Files, at the age of 57. He was born in Licking, Ohio, and came to Illinois with his parents, On October 25, 1853 he married Phebe (sic) Crawford who survives him with 8 children, 5 of whom are married.

Moved, probably to Weld County, CO between late 1885 and 1890

        Child #4 born in 1890 in Colorado
        Before June 12, 1891 - A lot in Gibbon had been sold by Joshua O. Filer to Carrie Slick

Joshua died about 1898-1899

        Child #6 born in 1898

        Lusetta was a widow in 1900

        Federal Census - 1900 – Weld Co, Colorado
        Filer, Lusetta – 47, head, widow, 6 children, all living
                 John – 24, stock farmer, born in 1876 in Illinois, married in 1895
                       [but no wife in household, he is not widowed.]
                 Joseph – 19,born in 1880 in Neb
                 Asa – 16, born in 1884 in Neb
                 Margaret – 10, born in 1890 in Colorado
                 Mary – 6, born in 1894 in Colorado
                 George – 2, born in 1898 in Colorado

John Arthur Mattice


Information provided:
     1930 state census says he was at the State School for Boys.
     He was born August 8, 1914
     His mother's name is Lois Darland and he is named after his father.


When John was 15 he was in the State School for Boys in Kearney where he helped in the kitchen


     Federal Census – 1930 – Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Boys Industrial School
            Mattice – 15, born in Nebr., student-cook


Moved to California, married, had two daughters

      Federal Census – 1940 – Oakland, California, in same residence in 1935
            Mattic, John A. – 26, head, completed HS, born in Nebr., Mechanic in flour mill
                       Violet A. – 28, wife, completed grade 8, born in Illinois
                       Douglas – 13, son, completed grade 6, born in California
                       Lilani – 2, daughter, born in California
                       Yvonne – 6 mos., daughter, born in California


Served 15 months in Navy

Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File
      Name: John Mattice
      Gender: Male
      Birth Date: 8 Aug 1914
      Death Date: 23 Jul 1981
      SSN: 552072362
      Branch 1: NAVY
      Enlistment Date 1: 19 Aug 1950
      Release Date 1: 23 Nov 1951

Ended up living in Josephine, Oregon.  Died in July 1981

Social Security Death Index about John Mattice
      Name: John Mattice
      SSN: 552-07-2362
      Last Residence: 97526 Grants Pass, Josephine, Oregon, United States of America
      Born: 8 Aug 1914
      Died: Jul 1981
      State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951)

What kind of a husband was Harvey L Seybold?

Wife #1 - Inez M. Seybold

(Kearney Hub - March 8, 1898) Divorce Case Filed
Inez M. Seybold filed for divorce from her husband Harvey Seybold for cruelty, neglect, and the use of vile and insulting language.  Also he published in the papers notices that he would not support her nor be responsible for debts contracted by her.  They had married in Kearney November 10, 1894.

She asked for custody of her child, Elmer S. Seybold, 2 years, and alimony.

Kearney Cemetery records
     Inez Seybold (Inez Scoles) – died May 25, 1898; age 21 years, of typhoid fever

1900 Federal Census in Kearney
          Siebald, Harvey – 38, widowed, day laborer
          Elmer S. – 4, son, born in Nebraska in Feb. 1896
          Turner, Elizabeth – 69, mother, born in Indiana in Oct. 1830


Wife #2 - Sadie M. Seybold

(Kearney Hub - April 1, 1907)
--In district court Sadie M. Seybold was granted a divorce from Harvey Seybold on grounds of desertion.

1910 Federal Census in Kearney
          Seybold, Harvey – 49, head, widowed, teamster for a lumber company
          Elmer – 14, son

Wife #3 - Jennie Seybold

Buffalo County Marriage Records - Married 8 March 1911
       Harold [Harvey] L. Seybold, 49 of Kearney
       (Mrs.) Jennie Klusmier, 25, of Kearney

(Kearney Hub) – July 14, 1911
--Jennie Seybold has filed suit in district court for divorce from her husband, Harve Seybold on the ground of extreme cruelty.

(Kearney Hub) – August 21, 1911
Court cases included several divorce cases,
But two cases were settled out of court by reconciliations, including Jennie Seybold against Harry Seybold

(Kearney Hub) – September 30, 1912
Court docket included an unusual number of divorces wanted.
      One was Seybold vs. Seybold divorce

And Also

Kearney Daily Hub - Jan. 18, 1890 --- There are seven candidates for mayor. Guess who.

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