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Miscellaneous Activities in December

12-4-1889 –

Wanted – Situation as clerk in music store by a young lady of several years experience, a thorough musician.

1929 – (Dec. 4)
“Kearney” in 10 foot high yellow letters was painted on the black roof of the Chicago Lumber Company [for benefit of planes flying over]

12-30-1931 – [A sign of the Depression]
“---Quite a number of men are being housed in the city jail each night, for the most part younger chaps who are making their way across the country in search of work.”

1944 – [from Kearney Air Base newspaper]
[News from] Squadron D – Elmer T--- has a new nickname, Moses. Every time he opens his mouth the bull rushes.

[Also] Many parents have sons with APO addresses.
But one son (a Corporal on base) has parents with an APO. His father has a civilian job with engineers some place in Alaska and his wife is with him.

One Hundred Years Ago – Last week of the Year

12-26-1911 –
Six weddings were reported including one in which the county judge was called out on Christmas Day to go to the court house to perform a wedding.

Friday, 12/29/1911 –
--All the opalescent lights at the entrances of the post office are now lighted at night. The effect of these lights in showing up the building at night is more than pleasing to all. Window shades were also hung in the lobby Thursday.

-- Thursday evening several sleighing parties were out in large bob sleds, improvised with lumber wagons and runners.

Tuesday, January 2, 1912 –
Ice harvesting began on Kearney Lake.

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