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                                  Eating Establishments

Chop Houses
Name of eating establishments in Kearney in 1870’s through 1890
        1889 Directory – Chop houses (4)
        1892 Directory – Restaurants (8) but names frequently included “chop house”

First Store – Mercantile Store owned by Franklin Dart
        Picture taken sometime later – “Chop House” on awning

May be run with another business
        Grocery Store

        Candy & fruits

Owner frequently but not always lived upstairs.
Not unusual for a fire to start in one of these businesses

An example:

Board of Trade Chop House 2017 Central ave.
        One of 4 listed in 1889 city directory

        Operated by Mr. Achey
        Named interchangeably as Achey’s & Board of Trade

        A Ticket Broker, bought, sold & traded RR tickets
                “Find him at the Board of Trade Chop House”

        Dec 6, 1890 – Turtle soup at Achey’s Chop House

Early 1900’s

Grouped on Central from 18th to 25th and within a block on either side

1904 (6)

1913 (8)

1922 (9)

Normal Club House, J D Saunders propr, groceries and cafeteria, 721 W 25th

        Block before today's College Curve

1931 (20)

Blue Parrot Café, 2300 Central
Chili Bowl, 12 E 22nd – Interesting name

College area
        Club House Cafeteria, 819 W 25th
        Bakery 819 W 25th
        Barber Shop 823 W 25th
        Grocery 821W 25th
        [all operated by John D Saunders]

Club House Lunch Room 2503 9th av
Trimbles Lunch, 2413 9th av

1941-42 (26)

Air Base has opened
Bob’s Dine & Dance, 2106 1/2 Central

College area
        Ben’s Club, 1402 9th
        Club House Cafe, [was Cafeteria] 819 W 25th

Elliott Jas, Watson blvd

Lund’s Café 610 E 25th

Grantham Varley, 2425 Central
        Grantham, H V & Sons (H Varley, Wilfroed H & Charles E) filling sta 7 E 25th

Leibee Bros Opera House Tavern, 10W 21st

Tasty Tea Room 2300 Central; 1931 Blue Parrot Café, 2300 Central

Midway Hotel Coffee Shop, 1 W 25th

“Oasis” 6 E 22nd [also listed under beer]

1950 (33)

College area
        Cozy Corner cafe, 819 W 25th
        Campus Cafe 815 W 25
        Box Car Lunch, 807 W 25

Central Cafe 2021 Central
Camel’s Café 18 W 24

Corral The ss Watson blvd
Elliott motor lodge, Watson blvd; 1941-2 Elliott Jas, Watson blvd

Grantham café 2419 cen; 1941-2 Grantham Varley, 2425 Central

Nebuco café, 1800 e 25th [way out on the east edge of town; there was a cabin camp about there where University Storage is now]

O’s drive in 924 cent ??? almost to turn onto Archway Blvd

Plane view café, 1115 e 25
Pontiac café 801 e 25

Tasty Tea Room 2300 Central [still the same name; formerly Blue Parrot]

White spot café, end e 25th

1960 (32)

Bico’s Café, Watson blvd W 24
Corral The ss Watson blvd w 24th

College area
        A & W Root Beer, 821 E 25
        Campus Cafe 815 W 25

Foote’s café, 1800 E 25th

Paul’s Broiler, 2300 Central; [Tasty Tea Room; Blue Parrot]

Hill Top Snack Bar 3519 2nd – [Bowling Alley]

Grandpa’s Steak House, 95 Central

White spot café, 2800 E US Hwy 30
        Carl Showers
        White Spot Oil Co. (Geo C Seeger) 2800 E US Hwy 30

City Coffee Shop 23 e 21

O’s drive in 924 cent

1970 (26)

The first nontraditional food begins to appear – pizza

Pizza Hut, 141 2 2nd Ave
Ray’s Pizza, 1304 W 24th

Bike’s Burger Bar, 1502 2nd

Campus Cafe 815 W 25

Chef’s Oven, 1010 3rd Ave [begin to get food establishments on 3rd Ave]

Kentucky Fried Chicken 215 E 25th
King’s Food Host 507 E 25th

Mystery Café, E US Highway 30

1980 (41)

Dining is becoming a form of entertainment and something for the tourist

Grandpa’s Steak House, 13 Central
Bonanza Steak House, 404 3rd Ave
Sirloin Stockade Steak Houses 1015 2nd ave
Cattleman’s Mining Co 1212 W 46th St. [only one not by interchange]
Country Kitchen, 407 2nd Ave
Grampy’s Pancake House & restaurant, 810 3rd Ave
Iron Kettle Restaurant, 301 2nd

More foreign food

El Charro Restaurant, 1912 Central
Godfather’s Pizza, 320 3rd Ave
Sax’s Pizza, 807 W 25th
Valentino’s Pizza, 3907 Central
Pizza Hut, 1412 2nd Ave

And Franchises

Long John Silvers, 1306 2nde
McDonald’s Restaurant, 621 E 25th
Sonic Drive-In 1104 2nd
Taco Johns 715 e 25th
Wendys Hamburgers 823 2nd

Crown Corner Restaurant, 507 E 25th [King’s Food Host 507 E 25th]

Lodge The, 1401 2nd
Tex’s Café 23 E 21st

1990 (53)

More special interest foods

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, 320 3rd Ave
Hunan Chinese Restaurant, 305 11th
Domino’s Pizza, 3702 2nd
Amigos 1122 2nd av
Amigos 4207 2nd av
Little Mexico, 1810 W US Highway 30
Nick’s Gyros, 2307 13th Ave
Oriental Express, 1304 W 24th

Yellow Pages June 2011 Frontier Telephone Book
Over 80 restaurants in Kearney

Foreign Foods


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