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Quick History of Baseball

Exact origins of baseball unknown
Most historians agree that it is based on the English game of rounders.

Became popular here in early 19th century

1846 - First recorded baseball contest

1860s - Civil War

        Number of baseball clubs dropped dramatically
        But interest in baseball was carried to other parts of the country by Union soldiers

1865 - When the war ended more people playing baseball than ever before.

Supposed to be amateurs, but many players were secretly paid.
        Some were given jobs by sponsors
        Some were secretly paid a salary just for playing

Baseball in Kearney

1889-1891 – Teams were formed in Kearney
        Called ball clubs
        Probably made up of high school age boys

June 1889 – The Hub Cup –

        A Silver Cup will goes to the player of the Kearney Base Ball club making the best record of hits in the season

Towns had teams that played each other.
        Good players often moved to another town if they got a better deal
        Nothing said about pay but must have been to change towns

June 9, 1891 game in Kearney - Cranz Bros. 29 – Black Diamonds 3

1892 (if not earlier) – Town teams were formed to play each other
        Kearney team -- The Kearney Kapitalists



100 Years Ago Today -- Saturday, June 24, 1911

June 1, 1911 – Baseball Game with Grand Island.

Kearney scored 5 in the first inning.

New pitcher came from Cheyenne.
Held GI scoreless in the first two innings and then allowed 3 in the third.

Another pitcher took the 4th inning
New guy was back for the rest of the game.

Kearney did not score again until the 8th when they got two bringing their score to 7
G I had been gradually adding to their score until they tied in bottom of 8th

Then a Kearney player hit a home run in the 9th


Sunday Church services – times and ministers listed along with several sermon titles. Most churches had both morning and evening services.

First United Brethren – 8 p.m. “Who Breaketh an Hedge a Serpent Shall Bite Him” (illustrated with chemicals)

Congregational – Music at the morning & evening services was to be cornet solos
Also at the evening service another gentleman would give a whistling solo.

Christian Church Ice Cream & Cake Social –

        to be held by the ladies on the new church property east of the Midway Hotel.

Arrivals & Departures
--Rosco C. James has returned to his home in this city after a year or more of wandering about the country. He spent several months in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. His health is much improved.

Even up trades
– a man in Gibbon traded his 40 acres in town to a farmer on the island south of town for his 80 acre farm.

-- A Miller man traded his Metz automobile for an Amherst man’s motorcycle

Motorcycles were becoming increasingly popular for use by
        1) Mail carriers
        2) Line men
        3) Young men who do not want to invest in as high price automobile

        Ordinance Amended – City amended the ordinance prohibiting the riding of bicycles and tricycles on city sidewalks to allow mail carriers to ride bicycles on city sidewalks while carrying out their duties.

Miscellaneous Events

        A 10 ½ lb Catfish was caught in the Wood River at Gibbon

        K & BH RR – was being extended. Six young men from Miller went to Calloway to work on it

        Remove rust – Mix lemon juice and salt or starch spread over the rust spot. Wash with clear water.

        Glenwood Park – The place to go for camping, fishing, boating. No admission charge except for picnicking parties.

Normal School Construction – A south wing to be built on the Normal School building.
        Duplicate the north wing in exterior finish and on the inside
            except marble baseboards instead of oak.
        Basement and an up-to-date ventilating system.

        1st floor to be divided into school rooms and include the model school department
        2nd floor: Departments of education, German and math.
        3rd floor: physical science.
                The space in the north wing where they had been – depart. of domestic science.

County Board Minutes, June 12, published June 24
        – Voted to share with Kearney County the repair of the Platte River bridge by replacing 830feet with 3” thick oak planks.
        – Voted to move Mr. & Mrs. Macklin to the county farm
                [1910 census – 2001-2003 Central Avenue, Kearney
                Macklin, James – 50, head, born in England, imig 1878, married 29 yrs,
                                            worked 15 mo of past year, labor, street work
                            Anna – 62, wife, born in Iowa, married 29 yrs, 2 children, 1 living
                            Nickols, Louise E. – 21, daughter, born in Iowa, married 0 yrs, no occupation given]

Classified Ads

Lost—Friday night at the Carnival grounds, gold locket and chain Return to the Hub office. Reward. Lois Kindt.

Found—Gold locket and chain at carnival grounds. Owner may have same by paying for this ad. Haze Ralston at Crable barber shop.

Rockville jail – from Ravenna News

Hobo Won Be & Made Easy Money
Gave the Village of Rockville a Lesson in Art of Jail-Breaking

Built a town hall which included a jail. They were very proud.
Walls were solid masonry,
Floor was concrete,
Doors heavily barred and grated with iron bars.

Rockvilleites were sure their new jail was impregnable.

Then this seedy looking individual came along
        casually commented that he figured he could get out of that jail in 15 minutes.

A committee of Rockville citizens called on him
        Suggested that if he had any money they would make a little bet that he could not get out in 15 minutes or 6 hours.

He said he did not have any money but if he could find a backer he would make that bet.
Sam heard about the matter
        After speaking briefly with the hobo, agreed to back him and put up $50.

So the money was put up,
        The hobo was searched and relieved all knives, implements and tools of any kind
        Locked in the jail

Interested Rockville citizens stood around outside to see what would happen.

There was a dull thud or two inside
A couple minutes later the prisoner was seen at another window in the building
        Easy winner of the $50.

Heavy masonry walls and concrete floor, the barred window and door were all intact.

A couple of well-placed kicks of the shoe against the lath and plaster ceiling were all he needed to crawl out of the cell.

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