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Looking ahead, not back

Nationally –

William Howard Taft became president

Last of US troops left Cuba in April – [that is about 10 years after the Spanish-American War]

In Sept. Dr. Frederick Cook announced he had discovered the North Pole on April 21, 1908

        Peary said he got there on April 6, 1909

In the Ormond-Daytona auto race the winner of the amateur race cut the record for 10 miles to 5 minutes, 15 seconds, cutting off a full minute.

        Driver was driving a Benz car.

Detroit beat Pittsburg in the baseball World Series

Orville Wright set a new record staying in the air for 1 hr., 12 min., 36 seconds at Ft Meyer.
        Five days later he made the required speed record for an Army aeroplane of 42.5 mph. on a 10 mile flight.

        There were other aviation records set all summer here & in France.
        Glenn Curtiss entered the flying picture.
            He is the aviator who came to Kearney to demonstrate his plane in 1911.

In Aug. the new “Lincoln” penny went into circulation.
        Replaced the Indian head penny.
        Bill had been killed by a House Committee in early March [but must have passed later]

In June the move had begun to pass a constitutional amendment to establish an income tax
        [began in 1913]

In the Kearney Area –

[Jan 2]

        Dec. 8, 1908 the Commercial Bank of Gibbon was burglarized.
        Three men probably arrived on night train, did their deed at the bank and then walked east a mile, crossed the Wood River, continued east about 8 miles and at daylight burrowed into a farmer’s hay stack to hide for the day. Then they divided the money and scattered. A pair of workingman’s gloves and papers from the Gibbon bank were found in the haystack.

Harley Davidson of Minneapolis, speed skater and artistic roller skater was coming to Kearney to perform for 5 days at the Kearney Roller Rink [don’t know if he was THE Harley Davidson]

There was a rug factory 2 blocks south of the UP depot
        [puts it on Central Ave or less than a block west]
        Used old carpets, chenille, curtains and heavy rags to weave rag carpets.

[Jan., 27]

        Couple married at 1:30 pm on a Wed in Jan.
        Bride daughter of J. D. Hawthorne.
        Took afternoon train to Salt Lake City for honeymoon and then on to Montana where they will live.
        Groom, Vern Black, had sold holdings in Kearney and planned to raise fruit in Missoula.

[Feb 15]

        W. J. Scoutt bought a house in West Kearney and had it moved to west 24th St. where he will have it fixed up to rent. [didn’t know there were still any houses out there]

[Mar 3]

        People of Odessa filed for an injunction against the electric company to not run water in the Kearney Canal.
            It is not deep enough and overflows and causes damage and stagnant pools.
            They had notified the company several times to either turn off the water or control it but nothing had been done.

[Mar 5]

        George Meisner, Shelton, died.
        Before the funeral was held at his home north of Shelton it was estimated some 2000 people visited the home and viewed the casket.
        News article contained a full description of the funeral service and an obituary.

        A young man (age not given) who stole a suit of clothes was sentence to the Industrial School until he turned 21.

[Mar 17]

        Newspaper advertised Uneeda Biscuit, National Biscuit Co. 5 cents/package
            [looks like a box of soda crackers] [they are soda crackers]

[Mar 18]

        Bill passed by state legislature and signed allowed $10,000 for new barn at Industrial School

In March bids were being received in Washington for the new post office building in Kearney

[Mar 20]

        Wm T. Craig elected to position of superintendant of Poor Farm for salary of $1,100 from which he would pay any hired help.

[May 5]

        Fort Kearney National Park association held a reunion of old settlers and soldiers June 22-25.
        Full program published in May with titles of speeches, each about the history of something related to the fort.
        Buffalo Bill Cody’s was “How I Fought my First Indian”
        Program did not pan out quite as well as planned but was still a big deal

[June 17]

        Several miles of streets and thoroughfares had been improved with cement curbs.
        Dirt streets had to be maintained with grader
            City owned one
        Wanted to improve entrances to city, looking for ways to raise funds for another grader

        The Commercial Club donated $300

July 4 was uneventful in Kearney. Many people went to surrounding towns for celebrations there.

        In Shelton, however there was a shooting.
            A man was talking to a restaurant owner outside the restaurant
            Second man came up.
            Words were exchanged, and the second man started shooting
            First bullet hit the restaurant owner in leg (he was an innocent bystander)
            The two men struggled in the gutter over the gun which went off
            Hit the first man in the shoulder, shooter was arrested and taken to Kearney
            Two men had a long standing feud which started several years earlier.
            Two years ago shooter and wife divorced
            Ex-wife then married first man.

[Aug 28]

        Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show and Pawnee Bill’s Far East Show were giving combined performances and coming to Kearney on Sept. 2.
            Horses, camels, buffaloes, elephants, dromedaries, mules,

[Sept 16]

        A man had an accident with his auto three days ago.
            The crank came loose, flew up and hit his nose breaking it.
            The man was getting along fine but still had it in for his car.

[Oct 16]

        The penny postcard – postcards with scenes of Kearney were on sale at Henline’s for a penny apiece.

[Nov 27 day after Thanksgiving]

        Front page picture of architect’s drawing of new Post Office
        Also detailed written description

Successful business changes with the times –

        Downing Saddlery Co. started in 1872 as a harness maker.
        Now in 1909 their products include harness of all grades manufactured by 4 employees, as well as carriage trimming and manufacture buggy tops

        plus lap robes, saddles, blankets, whips, Davis Arctic overpants for auto drivers, machinery belting, suitcases, trunks, bags

[Dec. 1]

        Dakota, Kansas & Gulf Railroad – Proposal to run a railroad from the Gulf to Winnipeg.
            Beloit to Gulf done.
            Next step was to raise funds for survey of route from Beloit to Kearney.
            Having trouble raising Kearney’s share.

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