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February 29 – Leap Year

Leap year every year divisible by four
        Except centuries which are both divisible by 100 and not divisible by 400.
        2000 was a leap year, but the years 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not.
                Makes up for the fact that one extra day every four years is slightly too much correction

Started marking days with Julian calendar in 46 BC.
Included leap year – but…

10 BC discovered priests in charge of computing the calendar had been adding leap years every three years
No more leap years were added until 8 AD.

Gregorian calendar - currently in use worldwide (except perhaps the Russian and Iran)

Leap Year Traditions – Basically, this is the reverse year in romance

Women propose marriage – English
Bad luck to marry in Leap Year - Greece

Dances where girls invite the boys

Sadie Hawkins Day Races in Li’l Abner

What has happened in Kearney during Leap Years?

1888 – Midway Hotel had an informal opening on Feb. 18

Formal opening Feb. 22
Leap year party on Feb. 24 “given by the young ladies of Kearney.
This was the first of many elaborate social functions.
Described in detail by Maud Marston, society editor of the Enterprise.”

1890 December 4 (Boom Period) – Not leap year but…

Good Templars lodge, young people, known for their sociability
Social gathering at the residence of W. C. Holden
The ladies invited the gentlemen to supper and promptly paid for the same.

1892 – January 13
Leap Year Party at the Midway Hotel Last Night
An Occasion Long to be Remembered
--A Few Original Suggestions Given the Gentlemen
--Magnificent Floral Decorations

In some cases for the first time, the ladies took the gentlemen’s places and the gentlemen were forced whether or not to accept the situation gracefully or with as much grace as possible.

        Gentlemen arrived in their carriages, carefully covered up with buffalo robes by their escorts.
        At the Midway hotel they were shown to a dressing room.
        As a substitute for corsage or hair decoration his lady presented him with a button-hole bouquet consisting of a beautiful tea rose or carnation pink with smilax.       
        Gentlemen were ushered to seats where the draft would not strike them
        Ladies with fan in hand stood over them
                Made flattering remarks about the elegant costumes
                Gushingly remarked on their beautiful appearance.
        Gentlemen smiled, became hysterical, hid their blushes behind lapels of suit jackets

        Had dance cards – 16 dances
        Music - home talent - violin, piano, cornet, clarinet
        Forty-four couples

Monday, February 29, 1892 – no Hub

Tuesday, March 1, 1892 (two events reported)
1. Dancing party at the opera house, large room on 5th floor
        Hosted by two Kearney society couples
        50 couples attended
        Many ladies in formal evening dress [means men did not wear tux’s]
        Music by the Midway orchestra.

2. Leap year surprise party given at a home in honor of one of the daughters.
        Dancing, visiting, card playing until 11 when a supper was served.
        Attendees – The honoree and 7 other girls, 8 boys, and others

July 19 - A Summer event
        --This is leap year. Girls, set the boys a good example
        Invite them to an ice cream social on the Baptist church lawn.

A New Years Eve social event

(December 22 (Thursday))
        --The social event of the season will be given at the Midway hotel Saturday evening [Christmas Eve or New Years Eve the following Saturday?]
        A grand leap year ball.
        Invitations were out, and the dressmakers and tailors were busy.

December 31
Closing Leap Year Party
        This evening a few young people will meet at the home of Miss Emma Lindgren, on third avenue and go to the lake the old year out and the new year in. As soon as 1893 is firmly established and old Father Time has given the glass another turn, the party will return to Miss Lindgren’s and have refreshments. From all indications at present it will be a very pleasant time.

1896 – No Leap year activities reported [depression year]

1900 – Not a leap year

1904 – January
        At the Miller alleys.
        Attended by 14 young ladies and gentlemen
        Played a couple games of ten pins and one of four back
        After bowl they went to the Holt café, where the tables had been previously decorated by the young ladies and had supper.


        Give Leap Year Ball at Midway Tuesday Evening
        Another great social event

Gibbon - The young ladies gave a leap year dance at the opera house.
        Hobart Swan of Kearney furnished the music.

        November 21
Miller -The Leap year party at the residence of one of the leading citizens in Miller

Return to 1896

Contents of a patent medicine were listed
Sparagus Kidney Pills - prescribed by doctors for kidney and urinary tract troubles.

Extract of asparagus
Extract of buchu
[boo-chew] – native bush of South Africa
        leaves dried and used for urinary, kidney, & prostate disorders.
        A diuretic.
        Aromatic – also used in perfumes & to flavor wines and brandies.
Extract of pareira [par-e-ira’] brava – A woody climbing vine from Brazil,
        Yields a petroleum-ether [oily]
        Extract used for kidney stimulation and urinary tract irritation,
        A diuretic
Extract of juniper berries – diuretic.
        Gin was developed in the Netherlands in 1600’s
        Intended to be a medication.
        Besides being a diuretic, the berries were thought to be appetite stimulant and remedy for rheumatism and arthritis.
        Name “gin” comes from French (genièvre) & Dutch (jenever) words for juniper
Extract of Uva Ural – a bush with leaves which are a weak diuretic
Extract of corn silk – a diuretic, used for treatment of inflamed urinary tract

[Flush those kidneys & bladder, wash out the irritation]

Monday, March 2, 1896 – Three Miscellaneous items

William Woodburn of Shelton was summoned for jury duty. He had lived in Shelton for nearly four years and this was the first time he had been to Kearney.

[We just keep moving those building around]
Parties arrested about a week ago for contempt of court were arraigned in district court today and were released on condition that they remove the building which they were enjoined from moving to its former location by Saturday night.

[Tweak your curiosity]
Undertaker Costello is still in ignorance of what he is to do with the remains of Morris Newberg.

Wednesday, Feb. 26, 1896 [Five days earlier]
“Death on a Train
        Morris Newberg,
            a young gentleman apparently between twenty-five and thirty years of age,
        died suddenly on the fast mail at Elm Creek at 11:45 this morning.
        Deceased was a victim of consumption.
        He was traveling alone from Denver to Winona, Wisconsin.
        There was found on his person $10.85 in money and a silver watch and chain.
        Undertaker Costello was telegraphed from Elm Creek to meet the remains upon their arrival in Kearney.
        Mr. Costello took charge of the remains and will await further orders from the Union Pacific before burial.”

[Morris Newberg was buried March 4 in the Kearney cemetery]


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