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Center Township

Location –
East of Kearney between Ave N and 100th Road which is a mile east of Poole Road
        From Platte river to 115th road
6 x6 section plus three rows of sections south or parts thereof along the Platte

Name – Don’t know – maybe because of location
        Existed in 1875 – included in list of precincts
        Township was organized on March 20, 1884 at Buda after state law establishing township
system was passed in 1883.

From Center Township Record book of minutes of Township meetings located at BCHS Archives

The first budget in 1884:
Elections               $20
Town meetings      $32
Roads & bridges  $200
Statutes & Books  $20
Paupers                $20
Contingent funds   $20
     Total             $492

From minutes of April 7, 1885
“…after which a report of the Treasurer was called for but the Treasurer not being present none could be given… [minutes were read and approved] …A motion was made by J. P. Hartman [that] Simon Landis be appointed as a committee of one to look after the duties of the township treasurer and supervisor and bring(?) them to attend to their duties. Motion carried.”

Settlement –

1871 – 24
1872 – 33
1873 – 19
1874 – 7
1875 – 3
1876 – 6
1877 – 4
1878 – 48
1879 – 5

Geography –

Wood River winds through the north part of the township
Land all cultivated to Wood River.
Some grazing land on very north edge of township, up out of Wood River valley on north side.

Landmarks – (What is located in this township?)

Highway 30
Union Pacific Railroad
West end of Kilgore Island

Schools – 6 1/3 districts

District 6 – Snyder in Section 28 NW Ό at intersection of Cherry & 56th St.
        On Snyder property
District 11 – Buda in Section 26 SE Ό at intersection of Highway 30 and
District 28 – Center in Section 14 SW Ό in center of the section on 78th Street,

        between Poole Ave and Imperial Ave – south side of Wood River
District 29 – Mack - Union Valley in Section 8 NE Ό at intersection of

        92nd Road & Cherry Ave on north side of Wood
District 36 – Stone in Section 32 SE Ό at intersection of Cherry Ave & Coal Chute Road

        on north side of Coal Chute
District 38 – Anderson in Section 2 (South) NE Ό at intersection of Poole Road & Coal

        Chute Road, south side of Coal Chute
District 34 – Hartman in Section 1 SW Ό - one corner of the district in Center Township

Churches –

Church of the Brethren [building now at T & R]

        on Snavely property 5 miles northeast of Kearney in Center Township
Presbyterian in Buda about 1907 – 1909 and was there for several years before going to Kearney

Cemeteries –

Poor Farm in Section 2 four miles north of Highway 30 on Poole Road, west side of road

Towns –

Buda – one of two stations in Buffalo County when UP was built
        Large town platted
        On Ft. Kearny military reservation
        First called Kearney Station, then Shelby for a couple of years, then Buda
        1890 population 25

Anti-Horse Thief Society –

$1 dues up to $2/year
Value placed on animal by committee of three disinterested members who were acquainted

    with the horse or mule.
If found, animal belonged to the society
Brand – half circle
If sold – branded with half circle the other way to make a circle
1879-1885 then disbanded – one horse thief pursued

The Jealous Husband Murder Case –

        Trial – details published including G. W.’s testimony
            “she would come to my room after I had retired and get in bed with me.”


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