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1890 – April 6 –

Midway Hotel burned [about 2 weeks earlier] Mar. 24 so that was the main topic
Cottonmill construction began
Mrs. Phil Brady was running for school board
Women with children in school could run and could vote in that election
March 27 – rain turned to snow

March 30 (Palm Sunday) – Baptist church building was dedicated

1900 – April 15 –

Black Flag store ad for New Easter Millinery elegance
Hanson & Hanson advertised German Easter Egg dyes
“Make the little children happy by investing 5¢ in Easter dyes.”
Good Friday – Gregg ad for silk fabrics

Good Friday service at 10:30 at Episcopal Church, “with sermon”
Saturday – All churches had Easter schedules printed
After Easter Bazaar – Ladies of Episcopal Church, Wed. afternoon & evening at


1920 – April 4 –

There was talk of building a City Auditorium
Primaries coming April 20 – first election following WW I
John J Pershing was being promoted for President
Also Leonard Wood
Lincoln Highway Association was getting started

Souders Dept. Store - March 24 - Sale on silks – taffeta, pongee, satin at
Ruters – dresses & millinary
Zondlers Bakery – Holy Week Hot Cross Buns
Kaufman Wernert Dept. Store – Correct Easter attire – hosery, beads, perfumes,

        underwear, handkerchief, corset

First Christian Church had an ad
Annual Easter concert at the Methodist Church Easter evening at 8 p.m.

        6:30 a.m. sunrise prayer meeting

Weather – Saturday before Easter snow and wind that morning. Huge drifts, 10º
Sunday was sunny, cold, train was behind schedule & travel was difficult
Churches were full – Large congregations gathered at all churches.

1936 – April 12 –

City elections on April 7 included three issues
        Pool and bath house at Harmon Park
        Library addition

                [sketch looks like a wing at each end, east and west, of building]
        New City Hall
Pool carried; other two lost
        Turnout was light
Republican & Democratic primaries were not until April 14
Elm Creek voted to license pool halls and to allow picture shows on Sundays

Easter related advertisements in two weeks before Easter
        Beauty shop
        Ruters – dresses
        Montgomery Wards –
            Women – straw hats, hose
            Men – hats, shirts, boxer shorts
        Central Café advertised Easter dinner

Good Friday – full page ad for Easter Parade of food
        Ads and articles about food including recipes
            Salad dressing:
                1 cup sugar, 1 egg, pinch of salt, vinegar to taste –
                good on cabbage
            Easter menu
                Grapefruit w/ mint jelly
                Celery, olives, radishes
                Leg of lamb
                New potatoes in cream
                Buttered Brussels Sprouts
                Pickled peaches
                Carrot & raisin salad
                Hot rolls, butter, jelly
                Pineapple upside-down cake
            Directions for preparing leg of lamb and roast lamb, omelets and cooked

                     salad dressings

Methodist church had a Sunrise Communion service at 7:00 a.m. “like last year”
Page ad listed all the churches in town and urged readers to attend but did not list

            times of services
        A separate “Churches” column listed worship times
Ravenna had an Easter Monday dance.

“Over a Thousand Kiddies Turn Out for Big Egg Hunt”
“Annual Event at Harmon Field Saturday morning”

        “Did you ever witness the rush at a big land opening? Doubtful, and if you haven’t it’s too late now. However, you can get almost as big a thrill out of the Easter Egg hunt held annually at Harmon Field thanks to the Kearney Kiwanis club.”

        Almost 1000 children under 12. Some brought their dogs
                Lined up before 9am. Orderly despite the enthusiasm.
                Go signal at 9:15
                Boy Scouts helped
                15,000 Easter Eggs were found in 10 minutes
                Younger children helped by Kiwanians
                Led by Junior Legion Drum Corps,

                        they marched to the World Theater for free entertainment

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