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Miscellaneous Items of Interest

A Court Case:
Nov. 16, 1876 Semi-Weekly HubCriminal case tried in Kearney
        State vs. Hutchinson for manslaughter
        Shot & killed Tingley in self defense on Elm Island (Audubon visitor center now?)
        Verdict: Not guilty Jury took 30 minutes
        Crowd came from Elm Island to attend the trial

Another Court Case:
Dec. 9, 1889 Kearney Hub
        James Karn, (a drayman) drunk, hit a man, fined $9.70
        Jesse Karn, (also a drayman, brother?)
                Arrested for “annoying the Salvation Army”.
                Fined last winter, appealed, lost again,
                Doing jail time for not liking the Salvation Army

July 17, 1896 New Era Standard
        Andrew Hultquist of Axtell “seriously shot” Frank Merryman in Axtell
        It was the result of an old feud.
        Hultquist went to Minden and gave himself up to the sheriff.

Item in Majors column –
        Mr. & Mr. L. C. Valentine were called to Axtell. Mrs. Valentine’s brother was shot by a neighbor in a fit of temper.

(Weddings usually took place in the courthouse, bride’s home, or parsonage)
March 20, 1897 Buffalo County Sun
        Wm. Hunter & Nellie Hayes stood up before the footlights at the Opera House and were united in marriage.

        Judge Hoge officiated.

        The ceremony took place between the first and second acts of the minstrel show.

May 2, 1896 Buffalo County Sun
        C. A. Jackson, engaged in washing his gloves on his hands with gasoline, [today we would use cleaning fluid]

            was enjoying a smoke with his pipe at the same time.
        In attempting to light his pipe the gasoline on one of the gloves caught fire.
        He attempted to put out the flames with the other hand and both were ablaze.
        Before he could get the gloves removed both hands were so badly burned that the skin slipped off with the gloves.
        Dr. Bastin was called to treat him. He will not lose either of his hands.

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