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Kearney Kitchen Queen Show

March 23-25, 1950  -----  At National Guard Armory   -----   21 Modern Home Exhibits

Pettinger & Clabaugh Truck & Tractor Co. – new International Harvester refrig.   
        Mrs. Ella Peeler, home economist, at booth showing frozen food demonstrations

Kearney Upholstery – Fred Weeks to display reupholstered furniture

Kearney Plumbing & Heating – Richard Wallace Geneva kitchen ensemble

        and blue American Standard bathroom.

        Motto “When you need a plumber bad, you need him good.”

Anderson Bros. Plumbing & Heating – Kitchen & bathroom units. Leroy & Joyce in

        Business 3 years, also contract for work outside Kearney including R.E.A. building at Cambridge

Swan’s Furniture – Talking refrigerator

        Flying saucers, H-bombs and now talking refrigerators.

        Swan’s furniture has announced it will display Admiral, the “talking refrigerator” along with other


                This new 1950 Admiral refrigerator is the pride of Swan’s store.

                It is noted for its interior design which extends to the floor, giving it a smaller outside appearance.

                It freezes and cools, but can it talk?

                Harold Swan said “It will talk only a the Kitchen Queen show.”

H. H. Bowie estate being contested by heirs of “legal wife” in New York.
    Buffalo County Sun, 1 Aug 1896

Henry H, Bowie –
        Land Patent for NE ¼ 20-10-18 – Logan Twp, 1 ½ mile from Dawson County
        Farm loan 1886
        Mrs. H.H. Bowie has moved away – Oct. 1895
        Died Feb. 1896 – Not buried in Buffalo County, might be in Dawson Co.
        Probate – Caroline was in New York. Her lawyer wrote in early March, 1896
            Probate filed March 23, 1896 with Caroline named as his wife.

            No papers in file indicating the estate was being contested.

Tony Blackburn - “Anyone knowing where the husband of Minnie Blackburn who was in Kearney in 1886, can be located at the present time, will please send address to 476 Chestnut St., Springfield, Mass.”
        Semi-Weekly Kearney Hub, 14 May 1896

[not in Kearney Cemetery]

Camp Elder Charged
A well known character in Buffalo County was charged with disturbing a religious meeting near Prairie Center.
        Buffalo County Sun, 23 Jan 1896

Fred Cheney and Miss Ella Unbenhower, both of Amherst, were married in Kearney last Wednesday. We wish them happiness and prosperity through life.
        New Era Standard, 27 Sept 1895

[marriage license in archives. Fred was 29, Ella 24]
[Father, Sam, homesteaded; nothing on Fred]

Ella Cheney was granted a divorce from her husband, F. P. Cheney last Monday on the grounds of desertion and failure to support.
        Buffalo County Sun, 13 March 1897

[1 ½ year later. No further marriage licenses up to 1912]


James Sellick
Sellick – Land Patents
        Sellick, James – NW 1/4 26-11-16 – Rusco Township
        David Sellick, 23, born in Ill., & Irene Livingston, 19
        On 21 Dec 1887
1892-3 Kearney City Directory list of Buffalo County residents
        Sellick, David – Pleasanton
        Sellick, Jas – Pleasanton

Cool – Land Patents
        Cool, David – NE ¼ 30-11-15 – Cedar Township, south of Pleasanton
        2 miles east of James Sellick

“John Donovan was struck on the head with a shovel by George Vancel”
        Kearney Hub, Armada Township, 5 Sept 1889

[could not find anything on either name]

S. S. Ewart kidnapped his daughter at Omaha. The child was living with a grandmother, E. L. Doddie and aunt Mrs. M. Smith.
        Shelton Clipper, 7 February 1902

[probably the mother’s sister and mother. And we thought kidnapping by the non-custodial parent was a recent crime.]

Herman Falke was convicted of election fraud in Scott Township. He was also a candidate for assessor in the same township and election. He supposedly called out the name Falke 11 times oftener than he should have and it game him 10 more votes that his opponent, Mr. Dalke. Clerk was said to have misunderstood in the calling but the judge did not buy this excuse.
        Buffalo County Sun, 28 Nov 1896

Land Patent – SW ¼ 22-11-17 – Scott Twp
School Census – 1886 & 1887 in Dist. 80, one child Ernest age 5 & 6
1892-3 City Directory list of Buffalo County residents – Herman Falk, Amherst

[sometimes his name was spelled with the “e”, sometimes not.]

"F. Fisher bought a fine tombstone from Kearney which he intends to place over the grave of his 1st wife who is buried at Stanley."

Sources of information on Fisher:

        Fisher burials in Old Stanley Cemetery
        Marriage license for Fred Fisher and Augusta Heitman
        1892-3 City Directory list of Buffalo County residents – Fred Fisher, Amherst

Fisher Time Line –
(Date?) – Fred married Amelia, probably before coming to the county, no marriage cert. here

1880 – Fred & Amelia had a daughter, Anna, who died before her first birthday

        Buried in Stanley Cemetery

1887 – Amelia died at age 28, buried next to daughter

1888 – Oct 4, Fred, 39, married Augusta Heitman, 27

        Not her first marriage because her father was Fred Prahl

1889 – Fred bought a tombstone for Amelia

1892-3 – Fred was living near Amherst

1897 – Fred & Augusta had a son, Ewalt

1899 – Ewalt died at age 2, buried one space over from Amelia

1908 – Augusta’s son, Paul Heitman, died at age 27, buried next to Ewalt

1915 – Fred died at age 86, buried next to Amelia, Ewalt on other side

1950 – Augusta died at age 89, buried two spaces away from Fred, next to son Paul


Original Kearney boundaries
1873 Kearney Junction petitioned the County Board to be designated a 2nd class city
        Named changed from Kearney Junction to Kearney

        South – Platte River
        North – 56th Street
        West – 30th Ave
        East – Antelope Road
        Plus the section north of 56th and east of 2nd (where Applebee’s & Menard’s are).
17 sections plus land from I-80 to the river.


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