could be Buffalo's crossing the platte

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Postal Pointers

Whenever you can, give the street name and number as well as the county and state

Wedding cake can only be mailed when packed in a tin or wooden box. The same for confectionaries

Postal cards are not mailable with any writing or printing on the address side, except the address, nor with anything pasted or pinned to the other side.

Shelton Dance

The dance will be of a public nature, any person being allowed to attend that purchases a ticket. This will not give the privilege of attendance to persons of bad repute, a committee being formed from residents of adjacent cities who will decide who are entitled to admission to the ball room.


Barb Wire Hazard

Three men returning to Kearney from Shelton in buggy pulled by two-horse team 1 mile east of Buda noise of approaching freight train frightened horses - leaped over the barb wire fence between road & field (one did anyway). Horses galloped some distance one on each side. Harness was all torn to shreds and one horse severely injured.


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