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Louis Hendryx & Everett Shafto


(mostly from Kearney City Directories)

1904 – Hendryx, Louis - Tran Agt

1913 – Hendryx, Louis - VP of Nebr. Cash Groc. Co. at 2114 Central (west side of street); Shafto was sec and treas.

1915 – Hendryx, Louis - still VP but Shafto was gone (not in directory)

1917 – Hendryx has NE Cash Groc. – Wife (Harriet) is pres, Louis is vp & manager; eldest daughter (Adah) is sec & treas (the bookkeeper); son (Horatio) & daughter (Mary) are clerks

1922 – Hendryx & Shafto meat market (in first block north of RR, east side); Adah was their bookkeeper; Horatio had joined the navy and died of pneumonia following Spanish Influenza at Newport RI Navel Station in 1919; Mary was teaching at the junior high; another daughter, Cynthia, was attending the Normal School

1924 – Hendryx & Shafto still in business. Adah not listed, married and moved away; Mary still teaching; Cynthia was organist at Empress Theater; son John student

1926 – Hendryx Meats – No Shafto

(from Probate Record)

Louis Hendryx died 4 Nov 1926


1. Adah Kilpatrick, near Imperial, NE
2. Mary – Kearney
3. Cynthia Carlson – Hollywood, CA
4. John (19) – Kearney
5. Louis, Jr. (14) – Kearney
6. Harriett (4) – Kearney

        Inventory – Shafto one of appraisers

    “Miscellaneous equipment in back room”
    “Crates and junk in basement"

    A notice from judge including Christmas greetings

Later businesses at that address in the Meat Market building

1931 – Hubbert Market – 2 sons were meat cutters
1934 – Hubberts Meat Market
1937-8 – Ohlund soft drinks
1939 – Ohlund soft drinks
1941-2 – Ohlund beer
1947 – Newman beer
1950 – The Buffalo – sold beer
1960 – Jessie’s Bar
1986 – Brown Derby
2003 – Paddy O’Mally’s


Writing family history


 Makes more sense when written in context of the times.

Your Irish ancestors immigrated to the US in 1849 – Potato famine in Ireland

You have a 1903 wedding picture of your grandmother with her long hair piled on top of her head.

She probably washed it once a month in rainwater with egg yolk shampoo followed by a vinegar rinse.

Where was your grandfather born? Probably at home

100 Years Ago – in 1903

Average Life Expectancy – 47
Average Wage – 22
Average annual income - $200 - $400
14% of homes had bathtubs
144 miles of paved roads in US
8000 cars in US
Over 95% of births were at home
90% of doctors did not have a college education
Five leading causes of death
    Heart Disease
Most women washed their hair once a month
Borax or egg yolks were shampoo
230 murders nationwide in 1902


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