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Pages which are list reporting Liquor Sold by Hustetler Bros., Shelton, filed with county on Jan. 2, 1881, sales for the previous year.
          Column headings include date of sale, name of buyer, kind sold, and reason.

Most was liquor, a few brandy. Reason in one case was “clinical”; every other sale was “medicinal”


The Sartoria Independent – July 26, 1888 (Vol. 1, #14)

            [began publication the last week in March if it was a weekly and was published every week once it was started.]

News of the week:

--It rained
--Good crops
--Happy farmers
--Busy merchants
--Midst of harvest

O R Bryans was the general store

Dr. J. P. Norcross is having a fine barn erected on his place this week.
            (He was also the local physician & surgeon according to advertising.)

S. A. Kendall will erect a large barn on his farm about one mile east of town as soon as he can secure a carpenter.

Three young men from Mason (City) went fishing in the Loup near Sartoria and caught 90-100 pounds of fish.

More About Sartoria – in Bassett’s History of Buffalo County, Vol. I,. Chap. XL, p 40

First settlers in Sartoria Township came in 1878.

“Mr. John Swenson was a soldier of the Civil war, leaving one arm on the battlefield. He took a homestead claim in Divide Township in the year 1874. He served two terms as county superintendent.” [He moved to Sartoria Township in 1879]

Township No. 12, Range No. 17, was originally named Taylor Township. There is a tradition that the name "Taylor" did not appeal to John Swenson for some reason and Mr. Swenson induced the county board to change the name to Sartoria, explaining that Sartoria was a French word having a like meaning as Taylor.

See also: Buffalo Tales, June, 1981, "Sartoria, A Lovely Ghost Town" at or


Miscellaneous Items -

Elections -

Women were allowed to vote in local Kearney school board elections before the Constitutional amendment was passed if:
        1. They paid property taxes (widows)
        2. They had children in school

Hub – June 11, 1927 -

Motorists on Lincoln Highway were cut by flying glass when a chicken flew in front of the car and hit the windshield, shattering it.

        [Makes us appreciate safety glass.]

Hub - April 7, 1928 -

Midway Hotel serving Easter Dinner for 65¢
Controversy over putting a sand pit at 14th and M
Air field south of Kearney, across the river.

Isaac Walton League stocking fish in Cottonmill Lake, also bullheads in small lake at Harmon field for children 12 and under. – (Before rock garden was put in)

Marriage Licenses -

Wedding ceremony performed at Cottage #10, West Kearney Cottonmill

Mother: May West

Hub - Kearney, March 7, 1912

        Center - Married March 4, Miss Leitha and Mr. Melvin.

        Buda – Miss Leitha surprised her parents by going to town on Monday and getting married.

        Married Man of Two Days Duration Answers Serious Charge – groom was being taken to court by fiancée of one year.

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