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               Black cat                 Superstitions               

        Athletes are notoriously superstitious and hockey players may be the most superstitious of all. They grow beards or don’t cut their hair during playoffs. They may not change certain pieces of clothing as long as they are on a winning streak. One year most of the Storm players bleached their hair for playoffs.

        Some players always put their equipment on in the same order. Some eat the same food before a game. Some follow the same routine in the hours before a game.

        One of our Storm players did not believe he was superstitious until he realized he always did his on-ice stretches on the blue line. And how many times during some seasons have we watched the same Storm player wait until all the players were off the ice before he left?

        But ours are not the only hockey players with superstitions. The Mad About Hockey website has a whole section on superstitions. Here are a couple.

        Bob Gainey played for the Montreal Canadiens. Then from 1990 to 1995 he was coach and then general manager of the Minnesota North Stars. Later he was general manager of the Canadiens. On the topic of superstitions, he said that, as a player, “In between periods, I always ask for a drink made with 30 percent Coke and 50 percent water. I’ve had this habit ever since I started to play for the Canadiens.”

        Should we believe he has a little trouble with math, or should we just presume a third ingredient was omitted in that quote?

        Ron Hextall was a goalie who began and ended his professional career (1982-1999) with the Philadelphia Flyers. He said, “I hit the posts and the crossbar at the beginning of every period and during the intermissions. “  How many times have we seen a Storm goalie do this?

                                                     goalie in goal

        But the players are not the only ones who are superstitious. How many fans do you know who always wear……(you fill in the blank) to the games? Or wear the same sweatshirt when we are on a winning streak?

        We might ask…How much of what the players do is habit and how much is superstition? How much of what the fans do is a show of loyalty to the team rather than superstition?

        Also, we might ask…Do any of these actions really affect the outcome of a game?



Revised: 07/01/2016