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                                        Hockey Stories

                                                           A Fog Story

        The scene was almost unbelievable. The fog was beginning to form on the ice at the Buffalo Auditorium for the second straight game as the Sabres and Philadelphia Flyers met in the fourth game of the final round of the 1975 Stanley Cup playoffs.

        The players were lining up for a face-off in the Philadelphia zone to the left of Flyer goalie Bernie Parent when a black object, a bat, floated down from the rafters and hovered over the circle.

        The only thing that was missing from the picture was Bela Lugosi refereeing in a striped cape. While others backed off from the eerie spectacle, Buffalo center Jimmy Lorentz casually slapped the bat out of the air with his hockey stick at shoulder height.

        There was a slight pause as Flyer center Rick MacLeish declined to pick up the battered bat but Lorentz wasn't fazed. He picked it up, skated over to the timer's bench, dumped his quarry and returned to finish a 4-2 Sabre victory that tied the series at 2-2.

        From that day on, Lorentz was, not too surprisingly, known as "Batman".
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                                                              Hair Cut

        Dave Hanson, one of the brawling Hanson brothers in the classic 'Slap Shot', was trying to make his mark for the Birmingham Bulls in the WHA when he battled Chicago great Bobby Hull in Winnipeg.

        "In the middle of the melee we both stopped," Hanson said. "All the screaming stopped, and I look up, and Bobby doesn't look the same as when we started. I look at my hand, and I had just pulled off his toupee..."

        "I was a bit shocked. I threw it on the ice."

        Bobby Hull left the ice and later returned with a helmet on.

        Dave Hansonís son, Christian, played hockey for the Storm for the 2003-04 and 2004-05 seasons.

        Christian Hanson went on to play for Notre Dame after leaving the Storm. After finishing his last season at Notre Dame in 2009, he signed a free agent contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

        He spent two seasons with their farm team, the Toronto Marlies. During that time he was called up to play 6 times for the Maple Leafs in which he had 3 goals and 6 assists. Christian signed a one year contract with the Washington Capitals in the summer of 2011. The next three seasons, 2011-14, were spent in the AHL with the Hershey Bears, Providence Bruins, and Chicago Wolves. In January 2015 he went to Norway to play.


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