Tri-City Storm Hockey

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                                                            Face Shields
There are two kinds of face shields. One is the half shield or visor and the other is the full cage. Both are attached to the front of the helmet and reduce the potential for injuries to the face.

        The half shield, as the name implies, covers the top half of the face. It is made of a high impact-resistant clear plastic. It is better than the cage for overall vision but it can fog up during play. Peripheral and straight ahead vision are excellent but the air flow is not good, causing the fog. There are antifog sprays available.

        The wire cage is made of a metal or composite mesh and covers the whole face. There is a variation of this type of face mask which has the clear plastic top for better vision and the mesh lower half. The bars or cage of mesh are spaced close enough together to stop a puck or stick but wide enough apart to see the action on the ice.

                                                             half shield       cage
                                                                 Half shield                 Wire cage mask

                                                           Mouth Guards

The purpose of a mouth guard is to protect the mouth and teeth in case the player is hit by a stick or the puck. The guard may have a strap attached to the outside center so the mouthpiece can be hooked to the helmet. At the beginning of the season team members visit the team dentist to have their mouth guards fitted. Fans usually see these mouth guards when they are half in and half out of the player’s mouth as players chew on them.

                                   Clear mouthguard        black mouthguard        colored mouthguards
                                   Clear mouthguard                      Black mouthguard                         Colored mouthguards
                                                                                                                                                 to match team colors                  


Revised: 07/08/2016