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         Ear Muffs   ear muffs 

        For Christmas in 1873 Chester Greenwood of Farmington, Maine, received a new pair of ice skates. Since the nearby Sandy River was frozen over, he had to go try them out. But it was cold and his ears were nearly frostbitten. So Chester came home with an idea. He took a piece of foot-long baling wire and bent each end to form a loop. Then he asked his grandmother if she would sew a piece of fur over each loop. When that was done he bent the wire to fit over his head and had the first ear muffs.

        When other people saw how he was keeping his ears warm, they wanted ear muffs also. Baling wire does not hold its shape very well so he figured out how to use an adjustable steel band instead. When he was 19 he took his idea to the U S Patent office where Patent #188,292 was issued for ear mufflers. He set up a factory in Farmington to manufacture them. In its peak year 400,000 ear muffs were made.

        Chester went on to obtain over 100 patents for a variety of ideas. In 1977 Maine declared December 21, approximately winter solstice day each year, to be Chester Greenwood Day in his honor.

                                                                                             Chester Greenwood


Revised: 07/07/2016