Tri-City Storm Hockey

Today is:

Hockey drawings by Butch Knapp
(Captions added by Storm fans)

Ref calling Penalty       See no evil

                 Goalie                        Goalie Interference
“Oooooooh! ----! Here comes Christian Hanson                             No, it’s not goalie interference.
 on another break away. Where in heck is my defense?!                               I didn’t “touch” you.

Feel the Thunder        Seen my Stick

Hat Trick

Snow Angels

Ever wonder what the players do when the coach’s back is turned? Snow Angels?!!!

Five minutes for fighting?????!!! You gotta’ be kiddin’ me!! I’m innocent. It wasn’t my fault. He started it….

Storm fans
Attend hockey games. Cheer for the team. It’s a tough job, but young or old, Storm fans are tough. They can do it.

Puck Drop talk


We’ve all seen it. The players move into face off position and wait for the puck to drop.
The linesman holds the puck out but hesitates.
We see his mouth moving but we fans in the stand cannot hear him.
So we yell, ”Drop the Puck!”

"So, anyway, then the doctor has the audacity to say I need glasses!"

"Careful how you swing those d#$% sticks! One of you hit me in the ankle last time and it still hurts like h^&&!"

"Quite talking to each other about your mothers. Let’s settle down and play the game."

"Now listen carefully. If you skate across the blue line before your puck that’s
called off-sides and I have to blow the whistle, the game stops and
we have a face-off like this. Got it? Now let’s try not to do that again."

"I’m just the linesman. I can’t tell the ref that. And neither can you unless you want a game ejection."

My attorney
My attorney has already had my penalty reduced from a major
to minor with time already served on the last stupid penalty you gave me.

Kick the tires

I know if you are interested in a vehicle you kick the tires, but with your skates on….?

After the Hockey Season

Gone Fishing     Baseball

Zamboni mowing lawn



Revised: 10/28/2015