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Taxi Cab Companies


Jan 4, 1912 - --Homer Graham was a Gibbon visitor in Kearney Thursday. He attended to some business at the county treasurer’s office while in the city.

Feb 16, 1918 –

                Notice to Public

 On and after Monday, February 18,
 All shines will be 10 cents. Signed,
                                        Don Patsios
                                        Tom Kavadas

May 4 & 5, 1920 –

Having purchased half interest own-
ed by Don Patsios in the Kearney Shining
Parlor, I will conduct business under
The same name and will be glad to give my
Personal attention to patrons.
Christ Scordas

Sept. 6 & 8, 1921 –

I wish to announce to the public that I have re-
Purchased the Kearney Shining Parlor. I will en-
old customers and friends are cordially invited to call in
and get a shine. We sell all kinds of candies, soft
drinks and cigars..
        Kearney Shining Parlor
        Don Patsios, owner.

October 6, 1921 – list of new members to the Chamber of commerce included Don Patsios, shining parlor and Christ Sardas, shining parlor

Aug. 1, 1922 – Good Rains Fall in the Platte Valley
….Roy Tonkinson, Homer Graham, and other garage owners were kept busy for hours pulling in stalled cars.

March 6 & 10, 1924 – [advertisement]

The Yellow Cab Company
Wishes to announce
If you want to ride in a Ford, we have Ford Sedans and
Ford Coupes for Hire at 50
per hour. Drive it yourself.
Yellow Cab Company
Phone 29

Apr. 21, 1924 – H H Graham of the Yellow Cab Company made a business trip to Grand Island Monday, intending to return Monday morning.

Aug 22, 1927 –

                    Hunt Missing Car
        William Moody reported to the police Sunday the loss of one of his “Drive It Yourself” cars. The machine was taken out late Sunday night, by a man claiming Kansas City, Mo., as his home town. He planned to be out for about two hours, but failed to return it by dawn, Sunday…

March 20, 1928 –

Whippet Cab Service advertisement

For Rent
New Ford Coupe
1928 model
Whippet Cab Service
W A Moody

Apr 11, 1928 –

Spring is here
Get Out of Doors
Don Patsios
Phone 131, Kearney Shining Parlor
Taxi Service

Aug. 4, 1928 –

A Jail Break Frustrated by Officers

[further down in the article]

        Colter is charged with having stolen the William Moody car, being captured near Hebron and the machine recovered. Colter still awaits trial on his charge, to which he entered a plea of not guilty.

Nov. 2, 3, 7, 9, 1929 [advertisements]

Sam Staton has employed the
Service of Homer Graham and
Will run an
Up-To-Date Taxi Service
With New and Enclosed Cars
Headquartered at
Don’s Shining Parlor

Nov 16, 25, 27, 29, Dec. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 1929 – Jan 15, 1930

        Don’s Taxi
Up-to-Date Taxi Service
With new enclosed cars.
Calls answered promptly, Head-
quarters, Don’s Shining Parlor
Dial 24791
Don Patsios Prop.

June 25, 1930 – Mrs. Don Patsios of Kearney was visiting friends in the Logan area

Nov 7, 1930 – Don Patsios and four other people returned from a short trip to Omaha and Lincoln.

Dec 27, 1930 – Don’s Yellow Cab Company office is now located on First Avenue, where all calls will be received in the future.

Mar 13, 1931 –

Missing Car Recovered
Patsios Auto Had Been Driven
Seven Hundred Miles

        Don Patsios has returned from Yankton, S. D., bringing back his Chrysler sedan which had been missing for nearly two weeks.

[Had been rented to Richard Pierce who said he was going to take a short drive. But he did not return and a search was initiated. The car was found stored in a garage in Yankton. Patsios went there, identified his car and had to pay storage charges “and other costs incidental to recovery.” Undamaged except for small dent in one fender and te spare tire was missing. The description of the man who left the car fit that of Richard Pierce. Kearney is 200 miles from Yankton but the car had been driven more than 700 miles.]

Apr 27, 1931 –

Crash on Boulevard

        Marvin Tappan, “Chick” Erickson and two unidentified girls were cut up considerably Sunday evening when the car in which they were riding tookto the ditch, on the Watson Boulevard. The machine, a Chrysler sedan, had been rented from Don Patsios. It was badly damaged.

[Tappan was driving at a high speed, the car rolled 3 times.]

June 4, 1931 – Dick Fitch was being held in connection with taking Don Patsios’ car which was recovered in Yankton.

June 6, 1932 – Don Patsios has taken over the agency of the DeSoto car and will also handle the Plymouth. Cars of both models are already on display at his salesroom.

                ---Harold Bowker has opened an auto repair shop at the Yellow Cab headquarters.

Oct 20, 1932 – [Rumors of a six cylinder Plymouth were confirmed by Don Patsios of the Yellow Cab Co. located at 2224 First Avenue]

Dec. 30, 1932 – Operators’ license renewals, including taxi cabs, were due at city hall by Jan 1, 1933.

Sept 24, 1934 – Social and Personal Notes
        William Moody, of Des Moines, Wash., formerly a resident of Kearney and well known here, will visit friends here this week.

City Directories

1922 – no listing

1924 – Yellow Cab Company (Homer F Graham), Taxi and Livery Service, Baggage Transfer, 2014 1st av, Tel 29.

            [ad on this page adds the information – Day and Night Service]

1926 – Yellow Cab Company (Homer F Graham), Taxi and Livery Service, Baggage Transfer, 2014 1st av, Tel 29.

1928 – Yellow Cab Company (Homer F Graham), Taxi and Livery Service, Baggage Transfer, 2014 1st av, Tel 29.
            Whippet Cab Co. Wm Moody propr 23 West 25th St
            [no separate listing for Wm Moody]

1931 – Yellow Cab and Baggage Co (Don Patsios) 2224 1st av
            Whippet Cab Service (Wm J. Center) 23 W Central

1934 – Yellow Cab and Baggage Co (Don Patsios) 2224 1st a
Whippet Cab Service (Wm J. Center) 2801 1st Ave

1937-8 – Yellow Cab Co ( Don Patsios) 2019 Central av
            [Whippet & Wm Center not listed]

1939 – Yellow Cab Co ( Don Patsios) 5 W Railroad

1941-2 – Yellow Cab Co ( Don Patsios) 19 E 23rd

1947 – Yellow Cab Co ( Don and Elva Patsios), Prompt, Courteous Service at all Times, Clean, New Cabs 2225 1st Av, Tel 32011

1950 – Yellow Cab Co (Tony D Patsios) 2225 1st av

1952 – Yellow Cab Co, Billie & Doris Phipps Owners, bsmt 2214 Centrl

1955 – Taxicab Service

City Cab Company, 2424 Central
(Harry U and Bess Bragg)
Prompt, Sure, Safe, Anywhere
Two Way Radio
2424 Central

1956 – Taxicab Service
City Cab Company, 2424 Central

1960 – Taxicab Service
City Taxi (Harry U Bragg) 2424 Central Av

1963 – City Taxi (Jess N and Anna E Foglesong)
            Prompt, Sure, Safe, Anywhere Two Way Radio
            2424 Central av

1966 – City Taxi (Jess Foglesong) 23 E 22nd St

1967 – City Taxi (Jess N and Anna E Foglesong) Prompt, Sure, Safe, Anywhere Two Way Radio Dispatched, 22 St And Avenue A

1968 – City Taxi (Wylan S and Darlen E Carlson) Prompt, Sure, Safe, Continental Trailways Bus Center Western Union Telegraph Company Two Way Radio Dispatched, 22 St And Avenue A

1973 – City Taxi (Wylan S and Darlene E Carlson) Prompt, Sure, Safe, Two Way Radio Dispatched, W Hwy 30

1974 – City Taxi (Jan Parker) W Hwy 30

1975 – City Taxi (Jan Parker) 20 E 25th St

1977-1988 – No Taxi Service

1990 – Taxicabs

        J & M Taxi 1507 Central Av, Jerry O’Rourke

[– he had all of his businesses listed at this address
J & M – Auto & Truck Center Sls & Serv
- Buggy Rentals
- Home Maintenance
– Property Management
- Real Estate & Mortgage Co]

1995 & 1999 – no taxi service

Telephone Book – Frontier, 2011

        Yellow pages, Taxi Service – Kearney Cab Co. 1103 Ave B

Census Records

Homer Graham
1900 – Platte Township, Buffalo Co., Nebraska
        Graham, Homer – 10, Son, born May 1889
        [WWI draft card says he was born May 10, 1890]

1910 – Gibbon Township
        Graham, Homer H. – 19, son, born in Nebraska, farm labor at home

1920 – City of Kearney
        Graham, Homer H. – 29, head, manager, taxi service
        Sophia – 29, wife
        [no children]

Don Patsios
1920 – City of Kearney
        Patsios, Don – 23, single, born in Greece, immigrated in 1914, alien, partner in shoeshine business.

        [also lodging in this home was Charley Kappas, candy maker, immigrated from Greece in 1908]

1930 – City of Kearney
        Patrios, Don – 33, married, Taxi cab driver

William Moody
1920 – Kearney, Nebraska
        Moody, William, 22, head, born in Kansas, parents born in United States,

                occupation – taxi driver crossed out, clerk written on top

            Mildred, 21, wife
            Maxine, 1 6/12, dau.

Kearney Cemetery

Homer H Graham died Dec 6, 1940 of cerebral hemorrhage at age 50, 6 mo

Maxine Moody died May 8, 1920 of bronchial pneumonia at age 1 year
Mildred Moody died Mar 16, 1973, age 72, cremated & brought from Yuciapa, CA
William Moody died Jan 18, 1976, age 74, cremated & brought from Yuciapa, CA

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