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Orphans; Orphanages


Oct. 15, 1889 – a ball to be held at the Model opera house for the benefit of three orphans.

Nov. 20, 1889 – A half-witted boy about 9, apparently an orphan, known around town as “Tough Jim”, crawled through a window of the opera house and wandered about questioning members of the orchestra much to the amusement of the audience. Apparently he smokes and chews. It was thought the WCTU would step in and take care of him.

Nov 25, 1908 – An orphanage had been established in Council Bluffs. An 8-year-old girl, Mabel, was sent by train from there to Kearney to be met by her sister, Lily. No one met her, authorities took her to the Union Pacific Hotel. The police chief investigated the next morning and could find no one by that name in town but did find a post card at the post office addressed to the sister at Elm Creek. There being no stamp it had not been delivered. Authorities in Elm Creek found the sister with a married sister on a farm 7 miles out of town. So the little orphan was put on the train to Elm Creek.

Aug. 22, 1914 – The Nebraska Masonic lodge was planning to establish an orphanage in this state. A committee of three was in Kearney looking at proposed property being offered here. It was on the hill overlooking Kearney and the lake. They want a site where t4he children can have a healthy outdoor life. [I believe Fremont was ultimately chosen.]

Nov 17, 1917 – from the Eddyville area – a barrel of canned fruit was sent to the Christian Home orphanage in Council Bluffs.

June 28, 1918 – there was an orphanage in Lincoln

May 25, 1933 – there was an orphanage at Holdrege

Jan 27, 1934 – there was an orphanage in Omaha, the Nebraska children’s orphanage

Nov. 9, 1934 – Christian Home Orphanage in Council Bluffs was 52 years old.

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