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420 West 28th Street, Kearney, Nebraska

The question was asked, “When was the house at this address constructed?”
The Register of Deeds office will have a record of the ownership of property but no record of construction of buildings on it. The County Assessor’s office may provide clues if there is a sudden jump in tax value of a piece of property. Another source is the City Directory.

Source: Kearney City Directories 1892-1999

Record of residents at 420 West 28th Street and their occupations, if given

1892 & 1904 – No cross reference for street addresses

1908-9 – No house at that address.

Only house in that block on that side of the street was F. G. Keens at 414 W 28th. Later directories list this house at 416 and another house at 402 W 28th.

1913 – Rodney. R. Crowe – partner in Crowe & Black Real Estate, office in Opera House

1915 – Rodney R. Crowe – Real Estate

1917 – F. E. Morris – traveling salesman for Switz Paint & Glass Co. of Kearney

1922 – 1934 – Jas. W. Davis – Occupation given in 1922 of deputy Royal Highlanders (a secret society here in Kearney) Other years no occupation was given. Maybe retired?

1937-38 – vacant

1939-40 – Simon Schmidt, renter, no occupation given

1940-41 – Wilfred Pellet, renter, family of 6, cook at Midway Hotel

1947-99 – Everett Campbell, owner, family of 5 in 1947; 3 in 1952

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