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2014 Central Avenue


From: BuffaloCounty HistoricalSociety (
Sent: Fri 5/11/12 2:00 PM
Subject: Old building

A Matthew Sykes called about the old Miskos building. He wanted any info we could give him and he may have some things we are interested in. His number is 240-1978.

Todd Pickering
Co-chair Buffalo County Stampede
(308) 440-3911



Called him 5-14-12
Address in question is 2014 Central. Miskos moved in about 1986-7after the building had been empty for about 3 years. He knows that before they moved in it was Ace Hardware and before that Kearney Hardware. That’s all they know.

Found wood sign in good condition – H L Webb motor cycles




Central Avenue looking north about 1925

The building at 2014 is on the west side of the street with

the Kearney Hardware Co. sign painted on its south side .


Central Avenue looking north about 1950


Kearney City Directories

1986-7 – Miskos
1983-5 vacant
1982 – Ace Hardware
1972 – Ace Hardware
1971 – Kearney Hardware
1910 – Kearney Hardware
1905 – Jakway Hardware, bicycles
1892-3 – Jakway Hardware

Kearney Hub
[About Jakway]


September 27, 1889 – ad for heating stove by Russell & Jakway at 2014 Central

Member of Kearney City Council in 1897

December 16, 1902 – W E Jakway of Lincoln spent last night in the city

October 23, 1903 – Mr. & Mrs. Jakway returned Friday to their home in Lincoln

January 29, 1904
– W E Jakeway of Lincoln was in the city Thursday.

February 9, 1904
– Announcement that the Stoddard Hardware Co. had purchased Jakways hardware, bicycles, sporting goods, seeds, etc. and would continue in business at the same location

September 1904 – ads for heating stoves

June 3, 1905 – W E Jakeway of Chicago was in the city Saturday.

July 21, 1906 – Mrs. W E Jakway of Lincoln is visiting friends in the city.

August 14, 1908
–Miss Ruth Jakway of Lincoln was spending the month of August visiting friends in Kearney

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