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Miscellaneous Facts and Stories

Elm Creek in the 1920's

(Reported in the April 4, 1923 issue of the Kearney Hub, News from Rt. 2, Elmcreek)

A good time was enjoyed by all at the Fairview basket dinner Thursday evening. Each lady took her name in a walnut shell, the walnut shell being sold instead of the baskets. A set of scales were handy, each lady being weighed. Their partners paid one cent per pound. This was a new way of buying suppers and it aroused great excitement.

[I'll bet!   Was each supper paid for twice... once for the name and again by the weight of the lady who prepared it?]

Gibbon in the 1920's

(noted in the Shelton paper in early May, 1926)

The County Board awarded a contract for $55,000 for construction of a bridge over the Platte River south of Gibbon. The new bridge replaced the last old wooden bridge across the Platte in Buffalo County.

Odessa in the 1920's

(April 3, 1923, Kearney Hub)

Get Electric Service
Odessa is dressing up. Practically every building in the little village is being wired for electricity, transformers have been installed and a regular service is to be available shortly. Electric current service is being somewhat rapidly extended to villages in proximity to Kearney, and along with it many farmers are availing themselves of the opportunity to cut in, it is stated.

The new brick school house was completed and opened in 1926.

Ravenna during the 1920's

In 1927 KGFW radio went on the air in Ravenna. It broadcast from there until 1931 when the station was transferred to Kearney.

Shelton in the 1920'S

Population in 1920 - 1,100

June, 1922 - The Sodtown Band was organized under the leadership of Milo Deeds


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