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1910 Notes

1910 Miscellaneous Facts and Stories


Kearney Daily Hub, Dec. 29, 1910

Boys Industrial School – music program – cantata performed at Opera House

Cars – start by cranking – dangerous – George H. Downing injured – Car backfired, crank kicked and hit his right arm, breaking it above wrist

Sugar Beets – American Beet Sugar in Grand Island relied on beets grown in Buffalo County since not many were grown in Hall County. 

Grew best in the Platte River valley.  Expected about 700 acres in 1910.  Farmers could expect $35 –50 per acre profit.

In 1908 Japanese and Korean migrant workers were used to cultivate the beets.

Section Men Search for Child

Union Pacific Officials Thought Him Lost From No. 21.

 A boy was riding UP west from Grand Island in care of Railroad officials.

            On the train when it arrived in Kearney and when it left. 

            On at Watson’s Ranch

            Not on when the train left Elm Creek

            Section men from Kearney, Watson’s Ranch & the division east of Kearney searched.  Could not find him.

            Late afternoon telegraph to Kearney from Elm Creek – boy’s father met him there so he had disembarked.

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