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                       1890 Map of Kearney Subdivisions

Sydenham Park Addition – South of the Platte, About 3 blocks long (south), one block east of Central, 2 ½ blocks west

South of 12th Street, south to north

Riverside Addition – north side of Platte, about 3 ½ blocks long east of Central, one block wide

        Kearney Hub

            May 26, 1892 – Three lots for sale, contact an address in Lodgepole, NE

            March 18, 1898 – A. E. Aitken laid out “Riverside” addition. Gave Lot 1 in lieu of lecture fee to a man in the national treasury department who was in Kearney to do a lecture “several years ago”.

            June 22, 1910 – …40 lots in Riverside addition, $500….W. S. Clap, Room 8, Opera House.

            Lots being sold at sheriff’s auctions for delinquent taxes through the 1930’s.

Kearney Land & Investment Co’s Proposed Addition – 6th Ave to tailrace, 5th to11th St

Myrtle Place Addition – Half block south of 8th St to 11th St, 4th Ave to half block est of 3rd Ave

Kennemore Addition – half block west of 2nd Ave to Ave E one block wide, with 8th on the north; 2 ½ block wide west of Central,& 2 blocks south from south side of other piece; goes on two sides of unplatted Collins Subdivision

Blairs Addition

White’s Subdivision

South Kearney

Sibley Addition

Worley Subddition

South Park Addition

11th St to Railroad, west to east

Kearney Land & Investment Kenwood Addition – Tailrace to 11th Ave, 11th to railroad

Kearney Land & Investment Choice Addition – 11th Ave to 6th Ave, 11th St to railroad

Kearney Land & Investment First Addition – 6th Ave to ½ block east of 5th Ave, 11thSt to railroad

Dreenview Addition

Koe’s Subdivision

Ayres Subdivision

Sicngan’s Subdivision


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