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1733 Amusement Park

Kearney Daily HUB

July 13, 1925 – Peck’s Bad Boys will play for a dance at the 1733 Amusement Park on Wednesday evening of this week, and the Gulf Coast Seven is scheduled for the dance on Saturday night.

-- The 1733 Amusement Park swimming pool, freshly filled, attracted hundreds of people from miles around, who wished to cool off during the week-end.

July 18, 1925 – Prohibit Parking on Highway North of the 1733 Park – County Board Takes Up Problem of Congested Traffic – Long article beginning with a resolution passed by the County Board to prohibit parking along the highway running on the north side of the amusement park for the half mile beginning at the northeast corner of Section 6-8-16 [currently the corner of 62nd Ave and Highway 30 by Bamfords] any “longer than necessary to discharge or take on passengers” and vehicles should be driven at a speed no greater than is “reasonable and proper”

The resolution was necessary because of the congestion in traffic in the area since the opening of the 1733 Amusement Park, especially after the pool opened and the weather has been hot.. Also at night when the colored lights on the fountain are visible from the highway there may be as many as three lines of cars parked leaving only one lane open.

An added problem was that because of the excellent condition of the road from the end of Watson Boulevard [the seedling mile from the tail race to Thirsty’s] to the amusement park, motorists were tempted to “see what the car will do.” “Frequent curves in the road, the passing of several culverts and a small bridge along the route is not sufficient to deter some drivers from making the attempt.

Several accidents have occurred, people have sustained bruises, cars have been smashed, fortunately no fatal accidents. It is not necessary for anyone to park outside the Amusement Park limits.

May 26, 1926 – Green Hill – Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Lew Zimmers and family spent Sunday afternoon at the 1733 park.

June 2, 1926 – --Peck’s Bad Boys are due to furnish the music at the 1733 amusement park on Wednesday evening.

June 8, 1926 – [Advertisement for Peck’s Bad Boys dance. Says there is a dance every Wednesday and Saturday]

June 11, 1926 – The Collegians of Lincoln will fill the bill at the 1733 park dance Saturday evening and a record crowd is expected.
July 23, 1926 – [Advertisement for the Arcadians; also an ad for the movie “Along Came Ruth”]

February 3, 1927 – Dance Saturday – Russ Nichols and his Navy Dance Orchestra will play for a dance at the 1733 park Saturday, Feb. 5th. Everybody come.

April 23, 1927 – One More Dance This Season - Within a few short weeks one of the most successful clubs ever originated in Kearney will have passed out of existence. Kearney’s Mid-Winter Dance club will have its last dance within a short time – and then it will belong to the ages.

Just when the last dance will take place has not been announced but it will be quite soon, is designated as a spring party, is to be held at the 1733 Amusement park and has a large committee in charge. ……

April 27, 1927 – Tourist Houses at Park – 1733 Amusement Park Making New Improvements for Summer – Year by year the equipment at the 1733 Amusement Park grows in completeness, gradually assuming the aspect of the large project it really is. Principal of the additions made this year is the addition of half a dozen small houses for the use of tourist[s] who do not have tents. Placed just west of the large dance hall, the houses, or rather one long house, extends west with the opening on the south facing a large field. The long shed-like building encloses six rooms for the sleeping quarters of the tourists and a garage for each car.

May 3, 1927 – The ladies of St. Luke’s are giving a dance on Tuesday evening of next week, May 10, at the 1733 amusement park.

May 27, 1927 – Four Inches of Rain. – Considerable wind and hail damage was suffered west of Kearney according to word received. At the 1733 amusement park many of the big trees were stripped, hail pounded through the roofs of some of the tourist cottages and it was estimated over four inches of rain fell. It was the most severe storm which swept that section in many years, the Hub was informed. How far north this storm extended could not be learned.

June 11, 1927 – [The ladies of the St. Luke’s Guild were not going to stop meeting during the summer. They had three events planned, the first being a dance at the 1733 amusement park on the evening of May 17. There were no details about the entertainment except that the Pecks would furnish the music. Only the Mid-Winter Dance Club had bigger dances than the St. Luke’s Guild. Many older people as well an younger ones attended.]

June 17, 1927 – The ladies of St. Luke’s guild are sponsoring a dance at the 1733 amusement park tonight. Karl Bartz and his Black and Gold Orchestra will furnish the music.

June 18, 1927 – [A description of the dance was given in the Society column on page 4.]

June 27, 1927 – [on the night of July 4th there would be dances at all the halls including the 1733 amusement park.]

July 5, 1927 – “Old Time Dance” Come to the Old Time Dance at the 1733 park, Wednesday, July 6.

July 6, 1927 – [The Old Time Dance was mentioned again in the Local Brevities column.]

July 7, 1927 – [dance Saturday night at 1733 amusement park with Carl Bartz and his orchestra.]

July 13, 1927 – --Students at the Teacher’s college enjoyed an evening at 1733 park last night, swimming and dancing being the chief amusements.

July 18, 1927 – --The first instruction in the six day Red Cross life saving course is to be given at the 1733 park this evening between seven and eight o’clock.

July 23, 1927 – [Dance that night at 1733 park with music by the Arcadians.]
--“Three Wise Crooks” is the feature to be shown at the 1733 park on Saturday night, with a comedy also on the bill.

July 29, 1927 – Dance – To the tune of Karl Bartz and his Black and Gold Orchestra, at the 1733 park, Saturday evening.
August 6, 1927 – [dance at 1733 tonight, Carl Bartz and Black & Gold Orchestra]

August 13, 1927 – Social Calendar – Monday - ….Dance 1733 park 9:45 p.m.
Tuesday - …. Dance 1733 park 9:45 p.m.

August 20, 1927 – --“Uneasy Payments,” a picture built around a Charleston contest and a transparent slicker, is the feature which will be shown at the 1733 Amusement park, Sunday evening.

August 31, 1927 – --There will be dances at the 1733 park on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights this week, sponsored by the American Legion.

September 2, 1927 – [reminder of dance that night at 1733 sponsored by the American Legion]

September 22, 1927 – [dance that night at 1733 with Karl Bartz and Orchestra]
January 14, 1928 – Dance to Ray Bredenberg and his Metropolitans at the 1733 Park, Saturday, Jan. 14th. Radio Broadcasters.

May 31, 1928 – Dance—Dance. – At the 1733 Park Thursday evening, May 31st. Everybody come and have a good time. Hear Ray Bredenberg and his Metropolitan orchestra.

June 27, 1928 – Dance—Dance. – To that teasing rhythm of the Trubadours, Lincoln’s popular 8-piece dance band, 733 Park, Thursday, June 28.

July 3, 1928 (Tuesday) – [A description of 4th of July activities which included a dance at 1733 Park with 25 cents admission fee.]

      The City band will play a concert Wednesday evening at 1733 park, as part of the Veterans of Foreign Wars celebration. The concert will begin at eight o’clock.

July 7, 1928 – --A party will be held by the summer school students next Tuesday at the 1733 park. Swimming and dancing will be the forms of entertainment.

July 9, 1928 – [party mentioned again in Local Brevities]

July 24, 1928 – --A benefit dance it to be given by the National Guard tomorrow evening at the 1733 park, with the Midway Hotel orchestra furnishing music for the event. The dance is being given in order to raise a mess fund for the boys at their annual camp.

July 25, 1928 – [same as the day before and adds the information that Guy Hite is leader of the orchestra]

July 26, 1928 – [The dance was well attended and netted “a nice little sum” for the Guard.]
August 8, 1928 – Dance to Guy Hite’s Midway Hotel Orchestra Friday evening, August 10th, at the 1733 Park.

September 4, 1928 – --An old time dance will be held at the 1733 park on Wednesday evening, with music by a good four piece orchestra.

September 26, 1928 – Dance to Guy Hite and his Midway Hotel orchestra at the 1733 park, Friday evening.

October 9, 1928 – Come to the Old Time Dance Wednesday evening at the 1733 Park.

October 10, 1928 – Dance to Guy Hite and his Midway Hotel orchestra at the 1733 park, Friday evening.

May 22, 1929 – PARK OPENING ON FRIDAY- Amusement Devices Have Been Installed – The 1733 park will be opened to the public this Friday, Charles Bartz, owner and manager, announces. Everything will be in readiness on that day including the many new entertainment devises installed.
          An outstanding event of opening night will be the appearance of George Belshaw and his Brunswick Recording Orchestra, of eleven instruments. They will play to a dance on Friday night.
          Guy Hite and his Midway Hotel Orchestra is to play for the Sunday night dance, it was announced. Dances will be booked regularly on Friday and Sunday nights during the season.
          The dance hall has been overhauled and greatly improved, but most conspicuous improvements will be noticed about the grounds. Many entertainment devices have been installed by a Denver firm. They include the miniature railway, operated by steam, the mixup swing, and others.
          The pool will not be available to bathers until a later date.

June 14, 1929 – --There will be a dance at the 1733 park tonight, the Collegians of Lincoln furnishing the music.

--The swimming pool at 1733 park has been filled and bathers are already taking advantage of it in spite the cool weather.

--Word has been received here that at least part of the orchestra, the Collegians, who play here for a dance tonight, will arrive by airplane.

July 23, 1929 – Dance at 1733 park Wednesday night

October 12, 1929 – [in the Society column] The date for the B. P. O. Doe charity ball has been set for November 8, at the 1733 park. A colored orchestra, the Bostonians, has been chosen to furnish the music. Mrs. Gilbert Matthewson is in charge of the ticket committee, and tickets will be available next week.

November 7, 1929 – [reminder of B. P. O. Doe dance the next night.] 


1934-1942 – Public notices of applications for licenses to operate dance hall at amusement park

November 1934 – an evening of wrestling at 1733 Park

March 1935 – Boxing match

June 15, 1945 – 300 to 400 couples danced at opening of 1733 Amusement Park

July 5, 1945 – 5000 persons passed through the gates of 1733 Amusement Park on July 4th

August 24, 1945 – License granted by county to Kenneth Penrod to operate public dance hall and other amusements at 1733 Amusement Park

January 29, 1946 – Bartz Funeral Services Will Be Held Thursday.  He operated 1733 Park

October 10, 1946 – Old 1733 Ranch and Farm Bring 427,600 at Sale
The 1733 Park, an old Kearney landmark, and a farm north of Riverdale, part of the Augusta Bartz estate, were sold at auction

January 14, 1947 – Brevities
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson gave a wedding dance for their friends Thursday night at 1733 Park

                              Society Notes
The bride has been employed at the Kearney Creamery and the bridegroom has been managing a filling station and lunch room near the 1733 park where they will live.

1951 - The 1733 Ballroom west of Kearney on Highway 30 will get a new face lift this summer. Work will include planting hedge, installing a white rail fence, planting bluegrass, painting the building and putting in a new front.

November 22, 1951 – Annual fireman’s ball held at 1733 Park

January 24, 1952 – March of Dimes dance held at 1733 Park with proceeds going to Buffalo County polio fund

January 28, 1953 – Polio benefit dance held at 1733 Park ballroom. Seven local musicians, including Carl Christensen donated their services and Penrod donated the use of the ballroom.

December 15, 1954 – County granted license to 1733 Park, dance

1955 – called 1733 Ballroom

March 16, 1955 – Red Cross benefit square dance. Postponed due to weather, held in May

July 25, 1955 – Louis Armstrong and his concert group featured

October 1, 1955 – Annual Homecoming dance held at 1733 Ballroom concluded KSTC’s 50th anniversary celebration

February 8, 1956 – March of Dimes benefit dance

March 14, 1956 – License to operate dance hall issued to L B. Sunderman and James Bamford

March 17, 1956 – Kearney Volunteer Firemen’s annual fund raising dance

April 3, 1956 – Square dance club dance

April 11, 1956 – Red Cross benefit with 5 bands

September 1956 – Annual Homecoming dance held at 1733 Ballroom

March 17, 1957 – Kearney Volunteer Firemen’s annual fund raising dance

September 1957 - Annual Homecoming dance held at 1733 Ballroom


                                   When was the 1733 dance hall blown down?

(Phone call on April 12, 2017 from Bill Nichol)

Bill and his wife were returning to Kearney from Denver in late April 1964.

        They ran into a storm at Gothenburg and did not drive out of it until Odessa.

It was after dark, of course, but as they drove passed the 1733 dance hall site, he could see in the headlights that it was all flat in the ground.

He said it was a big building, about 100 feet by 150-200 feet with booths around the edge.

Bill also remembers the swimming pool south of the dance hall
[the dance hall and swimming pool were probably all that was left if the amusement park features of past years]

As a high school student, his father and his friends used to swim there in the 1930's
        There was a diving tower about 25 feet high.

The game was to dive into a tractor tire inner tube. The trick was to avoid the valve stem.

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