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July 8, 1889 –
--The foundation walls of the Midway annex are completed and the first floor joists are in place.

Oct 14, 1889 –
--John Olney has received a large stock of hats and furnishing goods which are ready to be unpacked in the new store of the Midway annex.

Oct 23, 1889 –
--W. H Pierce, of Boston, will shortly open a store in the Midway annex, for the sale of carpets and draperies.

Oct 24, 1889 –
--The furniture for the Midway annex has been shipped from Grand Rapids, Mich.

Nov 27, 1889 –
--The Bachelor’s’ Protective union hold a meeting to-night in their new club rooms in the Midway annex. Every member is requested to be present as important matters will be discussed.

Jan 7, 1890

--The BPU’s [Bachelor's Protective Union] will meet at their quarters in the Midway annex this evening. Business of importance. Turn out.

Jan 21, 1890

--Higgins, the tailor, of Warsaw, N. Y., will not open his tailoring establishment in the Midway annex until March 1.

Feb 25, 1890

--R. W. Wescott, of Albany, N. Y., will locate in Kearney and start a drug store in the Midway annex. Mr. Wescott has for years represented McClure & Co., of that city, who are in the wholesale drug business, and he is a thorough pharmacist. The people of Kearney will welcome him to the business and social circles.

Mar. 1, 1890

--Mr. F. M. Higgins, the tailor with Olney in Midway Annex, has arrived and will be ready for business in a few days.

[apparently the hatter, Olney, and the tailor, Higgins, were going to be doing business together.]

Mar 3, 1890

--The high school will give a supper in the Midway Annex Wednesday evening. Half the proceeds go to the hospital fund.
--The moving of Aspinwall’s safe, weight 8,000 pounds, out of the basement office, attracted considerable attention this afternoon.

Mar 20, 1890 – Supper and Social
The ladies of the Congregational church will give a supper and bag social (useful and ornamental bags) at the vacant store room in the Midway annex, next Wednesday evening, March 20. All are cordially invited to attend.

Apr13, 1891 – More Midway Annex
Contractors were to-day handing in their bids for the construction of an addition to the Midway annex. Mr. Keck has concluded to build the one-story part out to the livery barn. The front of the proposed part will probably be of stone istead of brick. The contract will probably be let in a day or two.

Apr 24, 1891 – The ornamental plaster coating was put on the front of the Midway annex to-day. When this is on the [paper has piece cut out here]

[no more articles until 1928 – several advertisements to call a number at the Midway annex about rooms and apartments for rent in next 2 years]

Sept 8, 1930

--The Gus Stohl garage is now located in the rear part of the Midway annex building, on First avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth streets. [Would this be where the Midway livery barn was located that the addition to the Annex led to?]

Sept 13, 1930

--Gus Stohl has removed his auto repair shop to the Midway Annex building, on Lincoln Way and First avenue.

Nov 24, 1930 – Furnished, heated apartments. Midway Annex. Call 38881

[1933 – Patsios moved car dealership and cab co int remodeled facility in Midway annex]

Jan 5, 1934 – Announcing.
Our removal from the Midway Annex to 2018 1st Ave., in the Whippet Cab Bldg.
Stohl Motor Service

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