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Law Enforcement

From Kearney Hub

The Joke’s On … who?

          A Buffalo County resident, while in Kearney, stopped off at the police court to see friends and swap yarns. The bailiff was sitting with his legs crossed concentrating on what he was saying. Our visiting friend slipped up and clamped a ball and chain on the bailiff’s ankle. Ball and chain were not in use because the key had been lost. They had to go to a blacksmith to have them cut off.

Minor Crimes:

“wandering wayfarer” stole underwear from Black Flag store one January, caught, sentenced to 30 days in jail – the coldest part of winter

“wanderers” frequently arrested in evening, spent night in jail, and escorted to city limits in morning. Once a group was given choice of leaving town or working on street crew. Half left, rest left during a rest break.

Red Light District
Arrests - Monthly, paid fines, released

Early 1898 strong Anti-Saloon League movement against “scarlet women” and gambling as well as drinking. By spring gamblers and scarlet women were gone. New mayor, Hostetler, elected, houses of ill repute “on the bottoms” closed and owner & wife moved to Hastings.

Winsor Hotel – Recognized as “red light” probably in 30’s

Kearney Hub - June 1889 – Arrested

Cora Osborne arrested for keeping a disorderly home.
A Kearney man petitioned police court to do something about it.
She plead guilty and was fined $29.70
Five men were fined $5 each but their names were not published

Kearney Hub - January, 1895
Judge Wm. (age 70) charged with bastardy by a 30 year old single lady
Judge refused to say if he was guilty of not because he did not know if he was guilty or not.
If he was, he said he would do the right thing by the lady and child
[marry?? Or pay child support??]

Kearney Cemetery Records –
The Judge died of apoplexy in 1903 at age 78
Also buried in that lot is Susan, probably wife, died in 1893 at age 68
Also in that plot is Eugene, died at age 24 of “Gun shot in center of forhead”


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