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Kearney Lake

“Kearney Lake and Power Project”, Where the Buffalo Roamed, p. 449-52

New Year’s Day – all who possessed skates came
One couple glided about using a sail to catch the wind
Toboggan slide – on east bank near pavilion
Children on toboggans would use it;
Ice – Ice house on south bank by power plant
Ice cut off the lake, packed in sawdust
[train car loads shipped out to surrounding towns]


Kearney Daily Hub

Jan 15, 1915
Men injured in Kearney Lake ice plant last week are recovering. One were seriously injured.
First victim of ice skating season, Hays Ralston, fell on the ice and broke his leg

December 29, 1916
Both the lake and the canal were popular places for ice skating.

November 22, 1929
The Recreation Committee of the P.T.A.’s composed of a representative from each school, the Kearney Women’s club, and City Council were working together to provide ponds for children to skate on. As soon as the ice freezes the children flock up the hill to Kearney Lake. They wanted to put a pond in each of the four wards.


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