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Kearney Floral

Kearney Hub

Jan 28, 1908 – Downing Green House was under construction on 2nd Ave. north of the railroad. To carry on business as Kearney Floral Company.

Brought in an experienced florist from Oklahoma City to run the business.

Apr 10, 1908 – Preparing for Grand Opening. 1-6 in afternoon, 7- 10 evening. 1700 rose plants have been planted. More than one greenhouse building and brick office.

Apr. 11, 1908 – report on afternoon – 1000 visitors, mandolin & harp music, carnation or yellow tulip given to each visitor/lady.

Oct 14, 1908 – A successful business. 3 hothouses plus the office building. One hot house had chrysanthemum plants, now in full bloom.

Dec. 17, 1908 – “The Kearney Floral company is showing a new California flower called the ‘poinsettia’ which is quite an oddity”

Apr. 6, 1914 – Kearney Floral purchased a Ford car to use at the green house.


Irving Downing
[son of George Downing]


Kearney Hub
Dec. 22, 1900 – home for Christmas. Attending school in Des Moines

Oct. 9, 1901 – Went to Chicago where he will attend school until Christmas

Dec. 23,1901 – home for the holidays.

June 27, 1904 – Irving Downing and bride returned from their St. Louis trip


July 27, 1904 – Mrs. Irving Downing entertained an afternoon tea club.

Dec. 29, 1904 – Mrs. Irving Downing was one of the many guests at a lunch and whist event [high society]

March 18, 1905 – Mrs. Downing assisted Mrs. Murch with an afternoon at home” and evening whist party on St. Patrick’s day. [big society event]

Apr 11, 1907 – Irving Downing received the plans for a seven-room cottage he planned to build on a lot opposite the high school campus.

Oct. 2, 1909 – Girl born to the Downings. Irving referred to as “our genial coal man”.

Aug 18, 1911 – L. Downing was going to Calif. for 3 weeks and during that time would visit his brother, Irving, in Whittier, Calif.

Feb. 8, 1913 – George and Irving Downing planned to build a steam laundry in Whittier

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