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Miscellaneous items found in the Kearney Hub and BCHS Archives files



Local Notes – “When you drive along the streets, take the right hand side.  Be sure you do this.”


The K. H. & G. Railway

“Kearney people are becoming quite enthusiastic over the proposed Kearney, Hutchison & Gulf railroad….The proposed line will touch Ellsworth  Beloit and Hutchinson, Kan., and eventually tap the gulf of Mexico at a point yet to be determined upon….


10-6-1899 –

A New Manufacturing Line (see article)

Good Home Testimony (see article)


2-23-1909 –

State Capital for Kearney (see article)


12-3-1919 –

Carlson Cleared Up Kearney Mysteries  (see article)


1-2-1935 –

“Police Judge John Cameron is recovering from injuries suffered when he lit a match to see if there was sufficient water in the radiator of his car.  Alcohol in the radiator blew up in his face, inflicting quite painful burns.  He was not seriously hurt.”


1-2-1940 –

Helen Schneider married Floyd Sheldon.  Guests at wedding included parents & grooms siblings – Merle, Harold, Doretha, Violet, Carroll, Sidney & Darrell.  Six week honeymoon to Omaha, Davenport, Ia, Charleston, Ill., & Houston, Tex., where they will visit relatives along the southern coast of Texas.  The groom’s parents accompanied them.


Hospital Notes listed admissions & dismissals in Kearney and a couple of people from here who were admitted to the state hospital.


1-2-1943 –

Hospital Notes:  Edrel Dodson, 307 W 24th  with fractured leg injured at the air base; Irma…surgery; Mrs. Herman…medical. Dismissals:  Mrs. Charles…& son…; Mrs. Vela….  Dodson was injured when he fell from a tractor.


Psychiatrists, Sanity Board Study Cline  (see article)


1-2-1950 –

Hospital Notes – Still giving reasons for admissions – surgery, medical treatment, injuries in auto accident.


1-2-1960 –

Hospital Admissions – Medical: (list of names); Surgical: (list of names)


1-2-1970 –  (Friday)

Hospital dismissals only, just a list of names.


1968 – Picture of burned Methodist church on church page and caption announcing 10 a. m. Sunday Charge & Church Conference at the high school auditorium to hear reports from Trustees on loss & condition of education building, from Commission on Education about plan for church school, from Commission on Worship on plans for worship, and to elect a Building Committee.  Followed by worship service at 11.


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