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Haase Grocery

Kearney Hub
April 16, 1890

Haase & Sherer

New vegetables,                                     
               homegrown lettuce,

                               radishes, onions, peas,
                                             tomatoes and cucumbers

Haase & Sherer
2006 central Ave                             Kearney, Neb.


Oct. 29, 1891

Haase & Sherer
Just received
Two Cars of Winter Apples

Dec. 12, 1891

Haase & Sherer.
Apples of all kinds
for sale very cheap.
We are overstocked
and must unload
at low prices.
2006 Central Ave.

Jan. 22, 1892

Haase & Sherer
Patronize Home Industry
Kearney Flour
Kearney Pickles
Kearney Canned Peas
Kearney Canned Corn
Kearney Cigars
Kearney Coffee
Kearney Vinegar
Kearney Lard
2006 Central Ave.

Feb. 4, 1892


Haase &


June 15, 1892

Haase & Sherer


Jan 11, 1893

[The partnership of Haase and Sherer was dissolved by mutual agreement and all liabilities were taken over by Haase & Son.]

Nov. 13, 1894

[Haase & Son had received a car of potatoes from Utah.]

Nov. 15, 1895

Haase & Son the grocers have received a large invoice of fresh prunes from Mrs. Dildine’s orchards in Oregon.

[No daily advertising since change in partnership]

Feb. 3, 1897

Haase & Son
8 bars best laundry soap – 25
20 lbs sugar - - 1 00
All package coffee - - 15
Telephone 36
No. 2006 Central Ave.


April 9, 1898

Haase & Son
Sole agents for
Chase and Sanborn’s
Teas and Coffees


April 12, 1899

Haase & Son
Respectfully call your attention
That we carry all kinds of
Garden – and – Flower – Seeds
Fresh Vegetables. Fresh Fruits.
Chase & Sanborn Celebrated Coffee & Tea.
Fancy and staple groceries.
Your trade is respectfully solicited – 2006 Central Avenue.

Dec. 8, 1899
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