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Food – Miscellaneous Facts and Stories

History repeats itself - Example - Food Additives

Today we hear about arguments about irradiated beef and genetically altered plants and all kinds of additives.

How many of us question bleached flour?
On the label: All-Purpose - enriched - bleached - presifted

Ingredients: wheat flour, malted barley flour

niacin (A B vitamin)


thiamin monobnitrate (vitamin B)

riboflavin (vitamin B 2)

folic acid (A B vitamin)

In 1909 Secretary of Agriculture Wilson ruled that it was permissible to sell bleached flour within the state but cannot ship it outside the state. The millers in Nebr and Iowa were up in arms because they had gone to considerable expense to install machinery to “properly produce flour of the whiteness desired.” Nebraska wheat was claimed to contain the highest percentage of gluten of any wheat in the US but because of the color of the flour it produces it was necessary to bleach it to get the desired whiteness the housewife wanted. A professor from the State University (UNL?) testified that bleached flour was pure and healthful. The controversy raged all summer.

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