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From the Cemetery readings done by the Genealogy Society in 1978. They included a little information about each cemetery. Here is what was said about Fairmont Cemetery:

Rusco Township Sec 34 Buffalo Co., Nebr.

Legal description is in Rusco Township 34-11-16 in Buffalo County, Nebraska. On May 26, 1893, A. J. Scott sold 2 acres for $25.00 to the Church of Christ and at this writing (June 7, 1978) it is still owned by the Church of Christ. In 1886 the Fairmont Cemetery was known as the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Association. The warranty deed is recorded in the Register of Deed’s office at the Court House in Kearney as 51-483 and 51-482.

Alice Howell, in her Buffalo Tales article on churches in Buffalo County, says that “The Church of Christ had a rural congregation in Rusco Township as early as 1893, in Elm Creek in 1913 and Miller in 1914.” Fairmont would be the cemetery that was established beside that church in Rusco Township.


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