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Echo Lake


Feb 5, 1890
Col. Wm. Patterson was proposing a second canal beginning 26 miles upriver from Kearney. It would go from the Platte to the foothills and follow the foothills east. When it reached Kearney it would be 60 feet above Echo Lake. A tail into the lake would allow for drainage of whatever amount of water was needed by the water power company. The canal would then continue on east to Wood River when it would provide water power for milling purposes and irrigation all along the way.

Dec. 21, 1890
Describing construction of the cotton mill in the northwest corner of West Kearney between Echo Lake and Highland Boulevard.

Cotton Mill Tenement Bids

A number of local builders have handed in bids for construction of the forty tenement cottages to be erected for the use of the Kearney Cotton mill. The tenements are built after designs of Ernest Brabrook and each tenement will have four rooms and a summer kitchen. They will be located just south of Echo Lake on the west side of the draw to be used as a tailrace for the water from the mill. The bids were received by Mr. Cumnock Saturday night and the award made the first of the week. Work will begin on them soon.

April 22, 1898
Due to foreclosure by the Union Trust Company of New York, the Kearney Canal and Water Supply Company was to be sold on May 24th. The site of the sale was in front of the Kearney Electric Company building near the end of the canal.

Property included:
“Also all reservoirs, dams and lakes connected with and forming a part of said Canal, including the three lakes known as ‘Lake Echo’ ‘Lake Greenwood’, and ‘Lake Kearney’.”


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