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In the Archives of the Buffalo County Historical Society are two books in which persons owning dogs within the City limits of Kearney had them registered by name and breed when they purchased their annual dog license.  Also included is other information relating to dog control in the city.


Dogs in 1931 - 32 – Police Station Record

Popular Names


Interesting breeds

Boston Screw Tail
Coon Hound

Names of breeds politically incorrect today

Nigger Shepard
Rastus Bird dog
Nig Blood Hound
Black Joe Police

Breeds named for wife, girl friend?

Betty Boston Bull & Fox Terrier
Margery Spitz

Other interesting breed names

Laddie O’Day Fox Terrier
Hound Dog Fox Hound
Snookham Mexican Shepherd
Pup Spritz
Spotly What-not
Yellow Dog Airdale
Pooch Mongrel
King of Boyn Irish Setter

Additional note of what happened to the dog, reasons for not renewing license

Barney Terrior shot 8-18-31
Sonny Boy Bul lost

Notes – Reports of dog at their place but no record of license

Belongs to son
Getting rid of dog
Dog lost
Taking dog out of town
Will get license June 14 – dog dead, no dog
Dog to farm
Promises to get license right away
Claims no dog
Gave dog to farmer
Husband traveling man – home last June – small baby, can’t get to town, short of funds
1 dog killed
Dog left home – two weeks
Dog missing three weeks
John will get license 60 days, dog is pup
                (1 month later) dog is gone
Rockwell dog to Cash. Cash reports dog turned over to C. Bailey.
               Bailey to take to relative in Poole.
Dog died, is not going to get another
Brought dog to station for disposal, dog killed
Hard to find - out of town a lot
Dog out of town
Dog supposed to be out of town. Was not

Dogs disposed of May 1, 1931 – May 1, 1932
2 dogs mad
10 brought in by people
16 strays


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