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Kearney Hub June 1899

Man Files for Divorce

Married in December, 1898

He said he was faithful and dutiful husband

She was guilty of extreme cruelty because shortly after their marriage she wantonly, maliciously, and cruelly gave him a hateful and odious disease.

He had suffered great bodily pain and his health had been permanently injured.

Divorce granted and she had to pay court costs plus $40

Kearney Hub Monday, 2 Sept 1889

Mrs. V. J. Moses filed for divorce from William Moses because of habitual drunkedness and lack of support and
several other acts of cussedness due to her husband.

Kearney Hub September, 1889 Divorce

Anna P.---- Married in Bohemia 10 years ago
Husband (must have emigrated) - Sent her $600 savings to come to America
She followed him here later but has never seen him since.

Buffalo County Sun, December 28, 1895 No Divorce

Jennie Smith from Henry Smith. Judge Sinclair denied the request and refused to sever the tie that galls but binds.


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