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Kearney Hub – August 7, 1889 


John Schackler was taken to Lincoln by Deputy Sheriff W. H. Wilson and C. T. Weldin. One of the first settlers of this county. Who owns a large ranch on the Loup River and owns the only natural grove of large timber in this part of the state and has had the misfortune to become hopelessly insane which necessitated his removal to the asylumn. [sic]

[Schackler homesteaded and is listed in the school census records as living in Dist. 33 in 1881 and 1882.]

Kearney Hub – January 2, 1894

Died from Old Age

Grandma McBride, the old lady who fell out of her bed a few days ago as mentioned in The Hub at the time, died at her home last evening, aged 87 years, 6 months and 6 days. The funeral services will be held from Trinity M. E. church tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock conducted by Rev. Cook. The deceased was born in New York state, but has lived in this city several years. She has been confined to her bed for some time past and at last died from old age.

Kearney Hub April 1896


Woman in Thornton Township had been ill several weeks
Daughter was there taking care of her
Daughter became ill from fatigue and was delivered of a 5 lb baby girl.
[Guess there was a reason for the fatigue.]

Woman died in July 1896 and is buried in Prairie View Cemetery. She was 79 years old. She had a son and two daughters, one being the one who cared for her. That daughter died in 196 when she was 39. She is buried beside her mother. Neither woman’s husband is buried there.

Death Records – 1917

TB Hospital
Usual cause of death was Pulmonary Tuberculosis with “chronic” in the Duration space
16 year old school boy from Omaha, in hospital 10 weeks
35 year old farm laborer from Omaha, in hospital 1 ˝ years
39 year old van and storage driver from Omaha, in hospital 1 month
19 year old nurse girl from Omaha, in hospital 1 year
24 year old girl who did housework from Henry, in hospital 6 months
17 ˝ year old black school girl from Papillion, in hospital 1 mo

Other deaths
Alexander Morrow, died July 10, 1917, age 78, from Poor Farm, did day labor. Cause of death was suicide by hanging himself in the barn with a rope. Born in Ohio, buried in Poor Farm cemetery on June 12, 1917.

33 year old widow, housekeeper, died of chronic Nephritis
71 year old retired farmer, died of Bright’s disease with heart complications

Kearney Hub – July 1921


Boy, age 11, drowned in Kearney Lake when he went into the water to recover a golf ball.

Kearney Hub - June 1925


Thorn Price died in Iowa and was brought to Gibbon for burial.
When he left home as a young man his mother gave him a $1.00
Asked him to keep it unless absolutely necessary to use to prevent hunger.
He still had it and asked that it be buried with him
It was placed in his hand in the casket

85 years old. Civil War vet, enlisted in Ohio (26 when war began).
Not a member of the Gibbon Homestead Colony.

Causes of Death – from Kearney Cemetery records

(Persons whose last name starts with C in Kearney Cemetery Records as of 9-2005)
Old age (usually age 70 +)
Accidental poisoning (15 year old girl)
Suicide – Hanging (age 41)
Water bone
Railroad accident
Natural (age 40 in 1976)
Natural causes (age 25 in 1946)
Unknown (3 mo in 1889)
Senile Disability (age 80)
Malnutrition (died in 1952)
Frozen (Feb 1891, age 14)
Bullet wound in back (29, female, 1942)
Injury (68 in 1904)
Cold (no age 1901)
[No polio]

Other causes

Congestion of the brain (a 1 year old child)
Old Age (age 79 in 1923)

an attack of heart failure (1916)

Homicide (female, age 45 in 1929)
Gun shot wound to head (male, age 79, 1973)
Gun shot - [no indication if it was accidental, self inflicted, or murder.
Further research proved third choice to be the reason]


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